I just went to look for these lyrics, using Google and found them, on RedBubble, in my OWN bubble. I’ve quoted them before!!:

Jean, Jean, roses are red
All the leaves have gone green
And the clouds are so low
You can touch them, and so
Come out to the meadow, Jean

Jean, Jean, you’re young and alive
Come out of your half-dreamed dream
And run, if you will, to the top of the hill
Open your arms, bonnie Jean

Rod McKuen.

I remember her last name. She was in my class in 1965. The second year of my teaching. How come I remember her first and last name, out of ( 37 x av. 34 pupils per class = ) 1258 children?
The last name was a bit unusual. It was the word that, in Dutch, means the establishment where my grandfather, in Gouda, served the customers alcohol.

During the year, she’d seen me fill the blackboard quite often with illustrations of something we were reading, for example, out of The School Magazine!!! or a piece of poetry.
At the end of the school year and as part of the Christmas Party celebrations, she !! filled the blackboard.
A number of years ago I attended an in-service course where the theme was: teaching and learning styles. It was about the way our learning and teaching styles can be divided into a number of categories and how we should match these up and / or cater for the different styles, in programming.
In some ways, I saw parallels with the way many of us like to think that people born under certain star signs may or may not be compatible.
During that second year of my teaching career, Jean became the first of those girls, who ‘clicked’, during my 37 years, as a chalkie.
Currently I have been watching dvds of Fawlty Towers. This may be a bad example, but the way Mrs Fawlty brings her husband down to earth, reminds me of how this girl used to let the air out a bit for me, when I got carried away.

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