Byron Bay Writers Festival, July 2008.

O.K..This will not make sense to you but it does to me!
Yesterday I noticed that a lady whom I know has joined RedBubble, as Wild1, so that she could comment on my pictures. She lives west of Byron Bay and I had hoped that I’d be allocated the far north coast beaches of NSW, this year, to assess, for the Keep Australia Beautiful Clean Beach Challenge. This would have been a great reason to visit her and her partner.

Straight after conveying this to her, I read that there is this writers’ festival on, next year. I am not a writer. (Secretly I think I am!!!) My tenuous connection is a ‘brush with fame’ which I’ve written about before.

I see that Marele Day is chairing one of the sessions. Marelle came to the ballroom dancing studio, in the early sixties where I used to hang around. We had a kind-of-romance by mail, as a result, while I attended teachers’ college and she finished high school.

How the years have flown!! I bought all of Marelle’s books. I enjoyed all, although Mrs Cook was a bit slow and Lambs of God, I haven’t finished. I did attend one of her talks once, here in Sydney. She did not seem that impressed to see me again, even though I am quite a fan of her writing.

So my dilema is that I would have loved a strong excuse to go up there and attend but……

(I do have a big bundle of the letters that she wrote to me, while I attended college. They are like a diary.)

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