Carried away. Impression of Remi disappearing.

Before the 3 weeks’ holiday break, from art class, at Hazelhurst, my painting of Remi, from the book, Alleen Op De Wereld (Alone in the world – Sans Famille), was heading in a different direction.

The drawing, taken from the 1940 edition of the book, was going to be coloured in but retain the feel of an illustration.

I did no painting at all during the three weeks’ break. There were distractions, i.e., preparations for assessing beaches for Keep Australia Beautiful, the Clean Beach Challenge; the actual assessing, on the mid-north coast and then, the somewhat tedious bit: the report writing.

So, when class resumed, I had not prepared any new paintings. There was just the Remi painting with a huge gap of blank canvas to fill and I feel like I just doodled, like I do at boring meetings.
I just enjoyed covering the ‘hole’ with paint.
Melissa, quite rightly, pointed out that I might as well be using sticks to paint with. My brushes had not been cleaned. I was thoroughly enjoying pasting on the oil paint, the way it’s usually done with palette knives.

My current plan is to let the oil paint dry a bit and then add light blue, where there are now oranges and yellows, around his head, shoulders and trunk.
What do you think?

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