Looking back....

While searching for something else, I came across my letter to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald, published Wednesday, November 1987.

Gosh! Is that really twenty years ago? A week or two ago, I was reminded. I was sitting at the back of the room, in the offices of the Consulate-General of the Netherlands, attending the A.G.m., of the D.A.C.C..

Just in front of me sat the Hon. Treasurer of the D.A.C.C. and chairperson of the Federation of Netherlands Societies NSW.
Beside me a lady of Italian background who is advising the D.A.C.C., on fund-raising.

When the Hon. treasurer / chairperson Fed. of Neth. Soc., heard that the lady was of Italian background, he asked her if she knew Pino Bosi. She had heard of him (and the daughter Pina, who has written so much for the Sydney Morning herald).

Hon. Treasurer of the D.A.C.C. and chairperson of the Federation of Netherlands Societies NSW, explained that he’d known Pino all that time ago when SBS RAdio 2EA first started broadcasting in all those ethnic languages, because he’d been the co-ordinator of the Dutch Language program.

So much water under the bridge. They were good days! Being a broadcaster!! Albeit to a very small, critical, Dutch-speaking radio audience.

When I responded some years later to an advertisement for new broadcasters for the SBS Radio Dutch program, the Hon. Treasurer of the D.A.C.C. and chairperson of the Federation of Netherlands Societies NSW., was one of two people (The other the SBS Radio person in charge of the programming.) who interviewed me. I did not get the position (back).

No doubt there were better candidates who had more recently come from the Netherlands. Spoke better Dutch and had more professional experience in radio.

Water under the bridge but I liked being a radio star! Briefly.

In recent days I have received an email from a Dutch-Australian, Jan (Jon) Herman Kaub, who, like me, arrived in Australia, when he was 12 (but a few years earlier). He proves that issues that were hot when we first started the Dutch language programs via 2EA, are still so.

In part, the email says:

Shaun Brown
Managing Director

My concerns like others, are also very much about SBS’s current Commercialisation and Anglicisation

SBS “is” dumbing down > what apt phraseology!!!

Re: >
* SMH, 30th August 2007 [Jonathan Pearlman]

* The Australian, 6th October 2007 [David King]

Points of Dispute/Bone of Contention
* The SBS Charter, provided in the SBS Act, sets out the principal
functions of SBS and a number of duties it has to fulfil. The Charter,
contained in Section 6 of the Special Broadcasting Services Act 1991,
The principal function of SBS is to provide “multilingual and multicultural”
radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all
Australians and, in doing so, reflect Australia’s multicultural society.

* Government agreed to allow advertising on SBS Television and Radio
under a new Charter [June 1991]. Five minutes of advertising or sponsorship
per hour to be allowed, only between programs or in natural program breaks.
Guidelines covering the form, content and placement of advertisements to be
set by the SBS Board after public consultations.
* Mary Kostakidis’ humiliation and bullying is also contemptable > she
began as presenter of week day editions of World News [April 1988].

These “recent” policy approaches/directions must be “reversed”

Awaiting your response.


Jan (Jon) Herman Kaub

2515 Roland Road
(08) 9295-4446 [home phone]
0421-33-4906 [mobile phone]
jongil@optusnet.com.au <mailto:jongil@optusnet.com.au > [email

My Profile: >
* Parents Migrated to Aust 2nd week January 1951
* Parents Nationality Dutch > from the Netherlands
* Born Dutch East Indies/Indonesia
* My Age @ Arrival 12yrs 4mths
* Current Age 69yrs [Yes > just an “old” geezer – so
* Citizenship “Dual” Nationality > both Dutch &
* Language/s spoken English, Dutch, French & Bahasa
* Our Children 4 Sons
* Their Spouces (sic) /Partners Swiss French, French, English, Japanese "

End of quote from emailed message.
Good to see that there are still people who care!! (Right or wrong!)

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