I'm the Dorian Gray, of the Fine Arts Group!

I’d forgotten about it and then it was so nice, when going through the groups that I belong to to see my own face (collage of self-portraits) among the avatars.

As always, I see links.
At the moment I’m working on a copy of 8mm film of our Muck-Up Day (Last day of High School) at Maroubra Bay High School, 1961.
I am trying to transfer these scenes to the MBHS59 50 year reunion website.

As you can imagine, the movie is of the quality that 8mm movies were, back then.
But it was so good to see a 17-year old me, very briefly several times, in the playground, including me skirmishing for the camera with the young girl, who was then, kind of sort of my girlfriend, at the time. :)

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