Keep Australia Beautiful, Clean Beach Challenge - my part in it.

Please take a look here! at what I saw on the mid north coast of New South Wales, last week (The last week of September.)

Every year I take lots of photos.

At some beaches I may have been all by myself but, this year, particularly, I was shown around by a number of different people and I’ve come away, again, with much admiration for the Bush Care volunteers, who battle the weeds that threaten native species of flora.

It’s the native species that we need, to protect the dunes and thus the shores, the beaches.
Next time you’re at the beach please take a look at the voluntary work that’s being done by so many people. Particularly the work done to remove bitou bush. This was brought to Australia, from the African continent and intended to protect the sand-dunes but, unfortunately, it’s a weed that takes over the good plants.

Meanwhile, I’m sorting out what I saw, here!

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