Progress report - the "series".

Another ‘term’ over, at Hazelhurst. Have re-enrolled and shall be there again in three weeks’ time. Meanwhile I’ll do some more painting at home.


But now there is the Clean Beach Challenge to get on with.
Sunday I drive to Port Macquarie. Monday I ‘inspect’ four beaches there.
Tuesday and Wednesday the beaches in the Crescent Head area. Thursday and Friday, Scotts Head and south of there.

Then it’s writing the reports for the committee, during the following week.
That should fill the gap nicely between terms at Hazelhurst.

Meanwhile I have to make permanent arrangements regarding nursing home care for my father, who still wonders where those hundreds of Dutch-Australians have gone to, for whom he provided so much diversion, in, particularly, the 60s and 70s, when, as ‘president’ of the Netherlands Society in Bankstown he and his committee organised so many dances, picnics, bus trips, film evenings and simply get-togethers.
But that, once again, is a separate topic to write about……..

Meanwhile: the beaches!

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