Come paint and / or draw nude(s) naturally.

This is a picture of Evelyn, when she was relaxing, at River Island Nature Retreat.
I suggest, once again, that (now that the weather is warming up), River Island Nature Retreat (clothes-optional) would be such a great setting for painting ( O.K. And / or photographing ) the nude, in a natural setting.
The setting is a valley, west of Mittagong, NSW, on the Wollondilly River.
I would be so pleased to arrange a weekend (E.g., paint or photograph someone naturally, on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning_) in this great, natural setting, west of Mittagong.

I am not a teacher of art (Dropped out of the course, 3/4 of the way.) but would love to arrange for this to happen, in the coming warmer months.
(No. Evelyn won’t be there to model. She went back to Belgium. But something else could be worked out.)
The venue is clothes-optional.
You might produce something better than this:
Please contact me ~ jo at, ~ if you are interested in participating.

Or, obviously, indicate so here!

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