From the neo to the nouveau-nude, Anne van Alkemade's challenge

I wanted to respond. To get creative but had some trouble with the intent of the challenge.
I went and visited these people. They found me a little large but they were very much in agreement with celebrating the natural shape of the body. In fact the natural shape of everything.

Why I opted for a Gulliver-approach, I did not know but it struck me that it may have been instinct.
When I went to check the spellings, using Google, I found:
The Lilliputians symbolize humankind’s wildly excessive pride in its own puny existence. Swift fully intends the irony of representing the tiniest race visited by Gulliver as by far the most vainglorious and smug, both collectively and individually. (
The Lilliputians show off not only to Gulliver but to themselves as well.

Three cheers for natural human beauty, I say. Three cheers for being natural altogether, all together!

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