Is it over yet?

Arranged to go and visit friends, on the other side of the harbour, in two hours’ time. Now it’s time to drive there and I’m wondering whether it will be a clear run along the M5. through the tunnel and along Military Road…………
It will be good when we have our city back again.

Yes. I know! It’s a bit of a negative view.
I like the cartoon that I won’t reproduce, which says: Sydney. You have the right to remain silent.
UPDATE: Not going……….Waiting till mid-week, when it is hopefully warmer. When my cold is hopefully finally gone. When the politicians have gone back to politicking. When I have fixed up the VISA card problem. (The boomgates are letting me through but warning me that my funds are low – because the card info needs up-dating.)
When the brothels are available again. Just kidding!
I think I shall go and start a new painting instead!!!!

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