Ozcloggie un-masked, while chasing Sooz' work. Cryptic? Not really!

I’ve just about finished my painting of the girl, whom I knew in Bourke, in 1968.

So, my time in Bourke (1967-1968) was on my mind.
In Bourke 5 of us, male teachers, shared a house, in Anson Street.
Imagine the Odd Couple but then, with five of us.
We were not good housekeepers. Every so often Big Bruce (as he was affectionately called, who was the unofficial leader,) would decide it was time for a clean-up.
So the inside of the house was hosed. ( You couldn’t do that now-a-days, in Sydney. Or actually anywhere else, I suppose.)

It’s times in our lives like those, that might be seen as turning-points or milestones.
I gained two good friends out of that experience. They became an item while in Bourke and four of us played untold numbers of (card) games of 500 and also had the occasional glass of wine to go with it.

They now live right on the other side of Sydney from me. Definitely not next-door. But when we get together, the years melt away again and it’s so great to catch up.
Like we did today.
I had a reason to be in the area, I wanted to see Chasingsooz’ work, myself.

Thanks to the Chasingsooz-connection, via Redbubble, I’ve just come back from a most enjoyable few hours of catching-up and reminiscing.
The young lady, behind the counter opposite, in Cherrybrook’s shopping centre, was very helpful. As was the staff in the Food Scene establishment.
And you just can’t stop passers-by, when taking photographs. You end up with a candid shot and a funny look on my face!

The art teacher, at Hazelhurst Arts and Community Centre, has a favourite phrase: Looking good!
Chasingsooz, your masks are looking good!
P.S.. My friends are coming to my Remembering, an anthology, exhibition.
I’m so pleased. They were part of an important time and place that I’m remembering !
Driving home from Cherrybrook, I listened to Drive-time, on 702. I heard about the rumour that there might be a panther-like creature about (here in NSW).
A spokesperson, from Dubbo was interviewed. His LAST NAME?? …..The same as that of the girl, I’ve just finished painting.! (The girl, from Bourke, not far from Dubbo!!!)
All right. Perhaps, at any other time, I might not have noticed. But I still find that a bit spooky! (Particularly, as I’ve explained before that I picked up that name and added it to mine, in the 80s!!)

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