The story behind the pictures..... Remembering.......

These girls were participating in an art lesson, in 1967.
in Maude, via-Hay (actually 32 miles or 51 km, out of Hay, along an unmade road that was constantly in the process of being graded and my little volkswagen would have to take the side-track to the side-track when visiting the kind school principal and his family, in Hay.

Karen was one of the 22 children (pupils) in the one-teacher school.
The 22 were spread from kindergarten to year 9. The two in secondary, were doing work, sent by the Correspondence School, located in Kings Cross, in Sydney.
Karen’s parents kindly invited me to dinner and also wrote a lovely letter, a number of years after I’d left Maude.

Karen was in Year 4. Diane was in Year 6. These two were good friends.
During the time that I was there, there was an athletics carnival, in Hay, and all the small schools around (Hay, Hell and Booligal) participated.
The parents were keen for the children to have school uniforms, just like all the other schools in NSW (just about).
So, at the Easter Break, I found myself shopping for the required materials, back, in Sydney, in Maroubra Junction.
Being a refhead, Diane, as in other schools before and after, was in danger of being teacher’s pet_. But it really wasn’t so.
Maude was my country-service_, at the beginning of my career.
The girl, in the light blue school uniform was in my class, at the end of my career.
Ten different schools, in 37 years. The last 11 at the school with the light blue top.
I like to believe that I’ve captured the gentle, good-natured, friendly and intelligent nature, of this young lady, in the painting.
I hope you’ll come and have a look at the painting, in the Tap Gallery, Palmer Street, Darlinghurst.
If not, at the Opening, 7 p.m., Wednesday 8th October, (_which would really be nice
) to help celebrate my birthday, then one of the afternoons, between Monday 6th and Sunday 12th October.
Perhaps you’ll be hearing a sound that those kids knew well. I’ll be gently playing my piano accordion, to fill the hours between looking after visitors.

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