Rainbow over Hazelhurst

It happens so often! Yesterday, second last class for the term, at Hazelhurst, during Melissa’s art class. I went to my car to fetch the other two paintings, to show her.
There was drizzle. There was a rainbow. I grabbed my camera. Put the paintings against a tree. The wind blew them over. Friends, ( a couple who live in Manly, ) walked into view as I focused my camera on the rainbow.

Five minutes earlier, the rainbow was much clearer. Five seconds earlier, Mijntje (Mrs Hage, fellow board-member of the Dutch Australian Cultural Centre) was still in my view-finder, along with her husband.

It was so obvious that it took Mijntje and Huib a few seconds to realise it was me, not at a meeting of the D.A.C.C.; not at a function organise for Dutch-Australians; but battling the drizzle; paintings; camera; wind and fading rainbow and, not in Chester Hill, at ATV, not in Smithfield, in the Dutch shop, not in Manly but in Gymea.

I went back inside. Where Melissa decided it was a good idea to display everyone’s work, since yet another term is coming to an end and most of the paintings were nearing completion.

She wanted to show the diversity of the subjects and styles.

Those brushes, so clean and so neatly set up, are so different from my approach. There is oil paint on the upholstery of my car seats. There is paint on my coat. There is paint on the inside of the lid of my paint box. I have bought a new palette because the other one is caked with paint.

My brushes are never clean………
Oh well. As je maar lol hebt! (As long as you’re havin’ fun!)

P.S.. Quite right, FlyBoy. That’s what it was like!

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