Schooldays. Show me the child, at 7.......

I was 8, in 3rd class and ‘clicked’ with the teacher that I had until I migrated, towards the end of 6th class. I believe that wanting to be a teacher came in the genes. That Mr Berretty was just the right role model.

Overcoming the disadvantage of speaking no English and getting no initial help, arriving in Sydney at the end of Year Six and enrolled in high school, I was proud of still making it into teachers college, by the skin of my teeth and then struggling there a bit too.

Like very many of the Dutch who migrated, in the so-called wave, late 40s to early 60s, my parents liked to say they migrated for my future.
So achieving the goal of being a primary school teacher was seen as extremely important.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and kept wanting to ‘capture’ the fun, the energy, the activities, at the various schools. Just as I’m now doing, I always imagined I would like to reminisce, once I retired.
Since getting on to the internet, I have made several attempts at sharing the pictures that I made, throughout those years. Sharing them with the kids (Some could now be grand-parents!) and/or their parents, via various websites.
Who knows? Perhaps one or more of them will recognise something now and access it via redbubble.
Starting off with the more distant past. My first year was 1964.

(I believe this was the first year pupils and I provided a backdrop for the stage, at Speech Night. That makes it 1965.)

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