Nothing Much About Nothing...

for those not in the know the tavern called Nothing I write about was a message area/thread in a computer tech forum I was involved with for years .. it was started as a joke and was much hated by some on the forum because it wasn’t technical … the thread was officially called ‘the thread about absolutely nothing’ …

we spent much of our online life in that thread writing nonsense, poetry, stories and generally shared our lives with each other (smile) … in four years the thread contained over a hundred thousand messages (if I remember correctly (grin)) and it became our little fantasy mini world (big smile) …

in the day of spending my time in the tavern Nothing in the land of ET I wrote a bit of poetry about Nothing or should I say about nothing … since I’m walking down memory lane into the land of nostalgia I thought I’d share some with you .. or at least the ones about Nothing/nothing …

sadly the company changed their forum software and all that wasn’t saved by some of us (a small fraction of what we wrote) was lost and the forum software they replaced it with was inferior.. difficult to use and impossible to follow a thread .. we left but we remain friends still after all these years (smile)

ps. I found the thread and it’s still there for anyone who wants a peek (grin/smile) …

The Thread About Absolutely Nothing

ps. just so you know norwood was the original tavern owner long since gone. nothing much is known about him …in fact nothing is known about him .. but we sang his praises often …

the night was long
when I sang this song
happy still you came along
to walk with me in the land of ET
and spent some time in Nothing

(big smile)

hope you enjoy a little bit of poetry on the lighter side of crazy (smile)


in the beginning there was norword
and in his non-infinite wisdom
he brought forth the void, an emptiness
a dark bright hole
in which we spend our waking hours filling with words

for norwood’s a jolly good fellow
who can’t lift a candle to melloe
he came and he started
and then he departed
to parts far away and unknown

we spent long hours in the tavern expounding about nothing .. infact nothing was the most expounded upon topic …

there is nothing that I don’t know about nothing …
nothing is not something but sometimes something can be nothing
nothing is nothing but nothing is not the absense of something ….
nothing is not necessarily worse than something, it is only different ….
that is all I have to say about nothing …
this is not to say that I have nothing to say about nothing ….
there is always something to say about nothing …

nothing is just that — nothing
but is nothing, nothing?
is every thing a something?
if so than nothing must be a some thing
no no that can’t be
because nothing can’t be something
because it’s nothing

owlspook sits back scratching her head …….

many times I’d fine myself alone in nothing until occasionally a fellow rascal would appear amist the conversation I was having with myself …

oh you’re still here
that’s nice
don’t feel so alone
posting to the wind
about absolutely

and many times we’d get down right silly …

merry merry nothings
all in a row
pretty little nothings
even in the snow
nasty little nothings
nobody knows
tiny little nothings
that squish between your toes

always sweet nothings
never much somethings
unless I digress
and fly past the moon
then soon
perhaps in June
at night amid the stars
I think a thought
and without a doubt
extend the conversation
too far into somethings.
then will thou complain
and state in distain
this ol’ owl has finally
lost all her feathers?

here I go again
playing catchup with nothing
tastier than mustard
unless it’s a bratwurst
cooked on a grill to absolute perfection
on a sunny summer afternoon
with a can of cold Hamms in one hand
and a fork in the other

NOThing NOthing Nothing nothing
nothing nothinG nothiNG nothING

nothing (0) something (1) nothing plus something equals something

something is dependent on nothing but is nothing dependent on something?

this is a unpaid commercial for ‘Almost Complete Nonsense’ by Seymour Hearless

and has nothing. and I reinterate NOTHING. to do with something
or in this case anything
unless anything is something
but if anything is something then wouldn’t nothing be something?
time will tell if it had a mouth

but what is time anyway?
the forward momentum toward an unknown or just an illusion our brains cooked up?
Einstein would be proud of me ….. or would he?

and speaking of wood
why do we have to kill living creatures to build our houses?
couldn’t we use concrete instead?
or how about plastic recyclyble bottle material formed into lumber?
or how about just plain ol’ straw and mud?

ah but I do diverge

borderline something I suppose
better get back to basics

NOThing NOthing Nothing nothing
nothing nothinG nothiNG nothING
NOThing NOthing Nothing nothing
nothing nothinG nothiNG nothING

marching onward toward absolutely nothing ………….. amen


now it’s back to me and me
talking to myself you see
got nowhere else for me to be
so I might as well

be talking to myself this time
spinning words that scratch and whine
bored by chance and not design
might as well you know

a crazy owl that I be
I talk a lot with just ol’ me
’pecially late at nite you see
when all have gone to bed

not much tonite for me to do
‘cept post and post and post to you
it is a nothin’ nite, oh phoo
so I go on and on

yes a nite for me to post
and sit and eat some buttered toast
with coffee that I like the most
and sing this nonsense song


the words they come and then they go
oh what the heck I do not know
should stop it now before I show
I’m quite a wacky bird

and it’s near time to say good bye
for this ol’ bird to fly up high
and leave this place for her soft nest
and take a nice long nap

oh my you say I said I would
I would if I just maybe could
but no I cannot do this thing
the words they scratch and whine

another time to sing this song
for now I off and far along
the road to home is not far gone
my mind is something else


you look at me with big wide eyes
and wonder if I lost it
or has my mind taken a takin’ flight
or have I just a tossed it?


the rhyme it starts and then it’s gone
I’ve sung my best with broken song
I bid adieu to those who lurk
and leave this place of nothing


hope you enjoyed my little ride down memory lane (smile)

ⓒowlspook 2000-2005

Nothing Much About Nothing...


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