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"drought-parched and tinder-dry..."

It’s been the hottest late spring and early summer so far … the title says it all “drought-parched and tinder-dry…” The State of Colorado is burning .. huge fires burning it’s way through hundreds of houses with at least 32,000 people evacuated …. reminds me of the Aussie fire a few years ago .. animals are running for their lives along with humans … My heart still hurts knowing what happened to all the animals…

Up here in Wyoming we’re also having our extremely dry and hot days … It’s mostly been in the high 90sF with a few days already in the low 100sF! … Blasting hot along with exceedingly dry conditions are horrible …. we already have fires here in Wyoming … one big one (about 40sq miles – 27,000acres) about an hour away … none as bad as the ones in Colorado but it can happen here with the conditions as they are already …. one lightning strike or someone stupidly throwing a cigarette out the window or a campfire getting out of hand … they’ve banned fires at all public places already here … with the 4th of July coming next week and the amount of fireworks legal and illegal being shot off there is a big worry that this will start a fire around here ….

Also I worry how hot and dry it will be in August when it’s usually the hottest and driest all year! I have no air conditioning by choice (too costly) but this year the heat has been taxing already … The grass and weeds are already drying out and on the few precious trees we have in this high plains area the leaves are starting to curl for lack of water … this is a very bad year … keep us in your prayers …

here are some links to images and articles about the Colorado fires … only a tiny fraction of what’s out their if you google for it ….

Colorado wildfires: Several fires explode across Front Rang
hell descends: 36,000 people flee Colorado Springs inferno
Colorado in Crisis: Wildfires in “Catastrophic Fury” Devastate City
Colorado Wildfire Panoramic
Razed to the ground: Shocking before-and-after images reveal scale of destruction caused by fires sweeping through Colorado

and here’s a good links to a resource that will show all the fires in the US …

Active Fire Mapping Program

yes please do keep us in your prayers …..


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