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Wet Snow and Downed Trees .. part 2

last night was the worst .. see my journal entry Wet Snow and Downed Trees … part 1 for what was happening last night …

I promised photos … this time I didn’t go out into the snow .. don’t have any winter boots and the snow’s too deep for my waterproof comfy very warm slippers .. so I took the shots out the back door and off the front porch .. there are more downed trees that I couldn’t photograph .. one we need to move as soon as we can .. it’s sitting on top of the propane tank! Otherwise, so far, no damage we can tell to the roof of the trailer .. thankfully .. this is going to be a mess to clean up … going to need help .. some of the limbs are quite large and alas I don’t own a chain saw …

this photo was taken out of my back door .. the bush you see are actually three young suckers off a stump that are almost seven feet tall .. the building you see in the back is our neighbors workshop …

this second shot is off the front porch .. one huge limb and a few smaller ones have fallen…

this third photo is again taken out the back door .. this time looking toward the woodshed .. you can see the big fallen limb of the tree on the ground .. and to the right behind the orange fencing is another limb which is out of sight in this shot

this last shot is again out the door ..here you can see the icicles in the foreground .. also a better shot of the snow in the background trees

Was quite an exciting night .. so thankful none of the limbs fell on the trailer .. here’s hoping they won’t fall today …

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