Fond farewell to 2010

Before 2010 is just a memory and we turn our attention to 2011, there is much RedBubble brought me to celebrate as this year came to a close. And by RedBubble, I really mean, all of You. Much heartfelt appreciation to everyone one who viewed my images, left wonderful comments, favorited, hosted, approved, featured and voted for my work, purchased cards, inspired and challenged me with your talents throughout November and December.

I also give very special thanks to the Groups Top Shelf Wildlife and Animals of Africa who completely surprised and overwhelmed me by choosing me as a Featured Member during the month of December. What a thrill! ;-)

Thank you for Featuring these images in November and December:

Additional thanks for your votes which made these Top 10 Challenge winners:

As temperatures dropped in the northern hemisphere in November, some may have noticed many of my uploads changed from Africa to frozen arctic tundra. I was so very lucky to visit Canada’s Cape Churchill in Wapusk National park in 2007 and share a magical experience with the polar bears who gather there in anticipation of the return of life-sustaining sea ice. It was cold and frozen then, this year, not so much… In the words of Polar Bears International: “Just 20 years ago, the bay typically froze in the first week of November and the bears would have been well out onto the ice by now. A decade ago, that stretched to the 3rd week of November. This year (2010), on December 7th, the bay is still mostly open water with ice confined to the near-shore area… The Western Hudson Bay population of polar bears is one of 19 worldwide – and, so far, the one the most affected by climate change.”

So in addition to my images on RedBubble, I’ve collaborated with friends and my brother to create a video of a Chris Wilhelm song as a gift for Polar Bears International. I hope you take a look and visit PBI’s website to learn how you too can help…

My very best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!


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