A New Year Upon Us

It’s a brand new year, and I started it off with a sore throat. Of course, I recognize that it could be worse; I could have a hangover like most of the population here (and many other places I imagine). Of course, part of that is because I religiously don’t drink, although I was tempted to just have a sip of wine last night. I’ve never really been interested in beers or most hard liquors, but wine has always had a certain allure to it. However, I abstained, and whilst a lot of you may shake your head and wonder why I bother, because a sip of wine wouldn’t have hurt me, or glare and wish I’d get off my high-horse, I am proud of the fact I stood strong. A lot of it has to do with integrity, which is rare and far between in this world. I accept that I’m not always good at standing tall to my own standards. It’s hard when you set the bar as awkwardly as I do. Really, I set it at a slant. One end high, the other low, and I always bump into it with my right shoulder.

So my first activities of the new year, other than going home at midnight and sleeping (well admittedly I didn’t go to sleep right away – I determinedly wrote a new chapter to a story I’ve been working on) was taking some ye olde pills. I swallowed down a capsule of echinicea, a 500 mg of Vitamin C, and an antiinflammatory, ala my sore throat. Then I let in my cat who is affectionately referred to as many things such as Kidiot, Chowder Head, Jerkface, Fluffbutt, Half-brain, and Mya (which confuses people since he is, genetically, a boy.) Now it’s been snowing here. We don’t get a lot of snow – usually just some slush and then more rain. So it’s really cold, and I let that cat out late last night and let him tough it out – oh dear me, I am SOOOOOOOOO cruel. Yeah, my sister would think I was some sort of callous twit, but what she fails to realize is he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. You see, he’s what our vet calls a Heinz 57, or the feline equivacle of a mutt. However, that mutt has Maine Coon (Mein Coone?) in his mix, without a doubt. So he’s a big sucker of a cat with VERY thick, long hair. He can weather a bit of cold. Cats do it all the time. And since he was out, everyone had a higher chance of a good night’s sleep since he wakes us up at 4:00 or 5:00 am like clockwork (depending on what half of Daylight savings we’re on – this cat turns his tail up at silly human inventions like daylight savings).

So I suppose now is a time to reflect back on my previous year. It was full of hardships, disappointments, but also new frie…. oh wait, no. Not unless you count a few online friends, one of which who finally got around to e-mailing me (you know who you are). Happy times? Hmmm…. I’d have to rigorously look through my journal, which I don’t keep very well, to find one. Oh wait – I have a few! Okay here they are! Joyful times include any time I was eating food from the Shandar Hut, a local East Indian restaurant. Boy the food there is great and the smells alone send me into a happy place. Then I got my first sale at Red Bubble, which made me smile. It’s reassuring to know that somene out there would pay money to wear something I designed. I celebrated by actually feeling pride in my work rather than being critical and beating myself up.

Next would be… hmm… getting a nomination for one of my stories on fictionpress for a new Award site someone has set up, called Time is Running Out awards. Seeing as only five nominations for each category were accepted, I felt, well, good. You have to understand that this story involves vampires, and what with a certain fad that has arisen… I’m not terribly confident people are going to like most vampire fiction because they’re sick of vampires. Yes I’m referring to the big hit Twilight, which was written by a Mormon. By the way, I’m Mormon too, and not afraid to admit it. So although most of my readers don’t know that I am LDS, I espcially feel that vampire fiction written by Mormons would be… eye-rolled at, or those who are fans will compare and decide my stuff sucks because my lead Vampire is NOTHING like Edward Cullen. Er…. I went off topic. Moving on. Ahem. Think happy thoughts. Ow – that’s painful. I’d best stop now before I begin floating away and get caught in a power line. Back off topic, I have not read Twilight and am not judging it other than the fact that to say it is a fad, and with many fads there are the people who are scarily fanatic about it, and then there are the people who hate fads with a passion and begin to circle utop like vultures to find fans and mock them – and perhaps prosecute innocent people like myself to be fans… and mock them. I know. I’m sometimes one of them.

So I suppose all that is left are New Years resolutions. Now I am resolute about a few things, but like wishes, I’m afraid if I tell them, they won’t come true. I crack under pressure, and if I tell people my resolutions, then I’ll have extra pressure to not look like a complete boob by not meeting them. I know a lot of people don’t accomplish their resolutions – I’ve seldom accomplished anything my entire life. See, I’m a bit manic-depressive. I have a great (actually many) great idea and work on it with utmost zeal, then I crash and don’t want to do anything but lie in bed, barely eat (or overeat) and play video games to fully imerse myself. Then I get a lot of energy, but rather than revisit my old projects, I start new ones – which don’t get done (unless they really don’t take a lot of time or work) because I crash first. And the cycle goes on and on. So…. yeah. The only resolution I will share is to kick the cat who is currently meowing outside my door (should have left him out longer). Okay! Done!

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