David Friederich

Delta, Canada

If I could live my life to live over, I would be a biologist because nature provides me with such joy and passion. I am able to capture...

Nine Features Over Christmas Break and Sales, Too

At Christmas, I had two weeks off work, providing me plenty of photography and RB time. The pay off of all that time was nine features in two weeks, most of which came in the last few days. Naturally, I was totally delighted and grateful. The feedback provided by being featured is such powerful recognition of our work.

I also purchased a bunch of my own calendars as gifts for friends and family. I had no intent to sell them, but the quality of the calendars is so good, they sold themselves to the friends of my friends. I even took orders, some for next year. All in all, the Christmas break was very rewarding for me.


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Cormorant with Prey in Technical Photogaphy

And Merganser with Catch also in Technical Photography

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