Like We Did It Last Summer

We all arrived to school together this summer. It had become like a club to us all since all of the students here had failed more than one subject and making it up during the hot summer didn’t bother any of us. We all stood in the front of the school waiting for the principal to show up and lead us in, just like the way we did it the summer before that, and of course the two other summers during our highschool days. However, there seemed something different this summer day.The school looked kind of dusty from the outside and there was a foul odor emitting from the unhinged door. Obviously part of the renovating process was still in progress at the school. We figured it was an oversight, or that we had arrived a little too early this particular day. We didn’t want to spectulate that something was wrong, after all, it was like we did it last summer.The group of fifteen approached to futher investigate the unpleasant sight of what was to be our last chance to pass and hopefully graduate in our senior year. Our faces reflected our fear, but it only took a dare from one of the boys to continue to find answers to the mystery involving the sudden changes to our summer hangout.I entered first because I didn’t want anyone to know how frightening the whole scenerio was to me. All of the group followed my lead and once inside things began to unravel. The door suddenly hinged itself back on the frame, the foul odor was gone and a man resembling the principal appeared out of nowhere. We could see some dust on his suit, but he commented that he had been cleaning his office after repair work for summer shcool.It should have put a red flag in our brains, but you have to remember, we were failing students. There was no time to question authority, or risk agitating personal that just might save our futures. Our profiles were stamped with the words, “High Risk Students.”I had snugged in one day into the principals office and had accidently seen the piles of folders there. I tripped on something and before I knew it I was picking up papers that flew out of the folders. It just so happened that I saw those key words in bold red colors. Of course the principal accused me of snooping, but I just told him that I was there on another matter. Well, you know, throwing spit balls at my friends.He led us to the room where we were to wait for the teacher to arrive with the list of names. As we sat down and turned around the instructor was already sitting at her desk. That should have been red flag number two. We all had seen the empty teacher’s desk and I had accidently again, dropped a thumb tack on the chair.She dusted the dirt from her hands and we didn’t really suspect anything for the time being. She looked straight into our eyes as though she knew everyone of us by name and called us out. We could see that there were no names on the paper in front of her. Yet, she gave us a little history of our attitudes of years past and we knew then that something was about to happen. This was not like we did it last summer and now that I think about it, red flag number three.I stood up and was making my way out of the classroom because I did not want to attend summer school even if it meant not graduating this year. After about twenty steps or so I noticed that I hadn’t moved anywhere. The more steps I took, the further away from the door I seemed to be. The laughter from the rest of the group suddenly became horror cries because they too experience what was happening to me. How could this not be red flag number five, or four, maybe?We all stared at the teacher wondering if she had something to do with it. Then we really got scared when dust suddenly came out of her mouth and ears. The quivering of her body placed us in further shock as a pile of dirt suddenly appeared on the floor right next to her lifeless clothes that was lying flat on the floor. That’s when the most frightenings moment came about because graves started to pierced the cement beneath us as they appeared to grow upward from the earth below.I know we were not the brightest of students, or the pick of the litter, but we still had brains. This was totally not like we did it last summer. The red flag did appear somewhere in the back of our heads. It should have been number six, or five, but who was counting. We needed more of a changing of the guard, or underwear if you what to be specific.Suddenly it seemed as though the curse to not reach the door had been lifted. We exited the room and we headed for the front door of the school. However, coming fromt the office and front door were mud resembling people waving to us to go to them. As we looked at each other we knew there was no way we were going to give ourselves up to them.With the knowledge we had with our prior experiences in that school we knew a way out through the back of the school. I was no longer leading the group since the fear in each student made them run faster then I could. My legs were moving, but I kept loosing ground to them. They all reached the back door while I struggled just to stay on my feet. The building kept shaking and as I yelled at my friends to wait for me, I lost contact.The whole school was swallowed by the earth beneath us and I was still in the school building. I have been trapped underground for what seems to be a month or so. I have been eating food from the machines in the teachers lounge that I broke into. Everyday I see bodies of what appear to be humans made of mud, but I have managed to stay hidden down here. I have excess to a computer down here and I am begging for your assistance. Will you please contact me and get me some help.

This is not how we did it last summer, trust me, I don’t want to come to summer school anymore. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh, this is a red flag, number, AHHHHHHH, whatever!!!!!!

OscarElizondocopyright ©2008OSCARELIZONDO

Like We Did It Last Summer


Harlingen, United States

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Artist's Description

This story is about a student that shows up for summer school only to find himself trapped under the school grounds. He is asking for your help! He wants you to get in contact with him, please help!

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