Chapter III: She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry

Chapter III: I Forgot To Say Good-bye

After a long and exhausting run up the mountain Moises came across an old abandoned shack. He couldn’t understand why it appeared so deserted since he remembered seeing Antonia’s parents some days back while walking home from school. For a minute or two he doubted himself of being in the right place. He eyes carefully scoped the area for signs of some life. His mind focused on descriptions made by his friend Antonia about how her home was like. Like pieces of a puzzle he put them together in his head and analyzed the situation. His heart told him that indeed he was in the right place.
Being careful not arouse any suspicious dogs that might be guarding the home he gingerly proceeded to the front door. He knocked loudly just incase someone might be inside and then he walked around to the side of the house where a window was located. Moises looked inside as his faced made contact with the window pane. His instincts about the place being vacated seemed correct. There were no furnishings or belongings to indicate otherwise.
The young lad continued on to the back of the house where an exit door was located. The rusted hinges barely held the rotted door on as he pushed it in. Once inside it was evident that no one was living there anymore. He pondered his next move because there was something strange about the cave, the empty house, and about not knowing what had happened to Antonia. How was he going to get in contact with someone up in the mountains to help him investigate what had happened in the cave crossed his already overly confused mind. Antonia never mentioned anybody else living up there high in the mountains in such adverse conditions.
He sat on a log under the shady tree that was in the front of the house. Sweat poured down from his forehead as they joined the tears that exited his watery eyes. He placed his hands on his head in his search for answers. His aching body yearned for some much needed rest as he wondered about his next move. The fast beating heart was almost at it’s normal pace as his body slouched from the tiredness. Then the loneliness set in as he gazed up at the sky. It was no longer midday and judging by the position of the sun it was close to the end of the school day.
He knew he had to be on his way down the mountain in order to get home on time. Moises also knew of only one way down and it was through the same trail he had gone up. The scary cave was along the way and common sense told him not to venture close to it, but he also knew that if he got off the trail he might get lost. He had never explored the surroundings before and getting lost would only complicate things more.
Going down the mountain was easier, but it had it’s drawbacks too. It was hard to maintain his speed without grapping on to something. The pace was quicker and more dangerous. Many times during the climb he lost his balance and landed on some bushes that scrapped his skin. He had avoided the treacherous rocks after each fall, but his luck was running out.
As soon as he came close to the cave he lost control of himself. The trembling limbs started to give way and staying upright without his balance made it hard to avoid


the injuries that the rocks inflicted on him. Blood soon appeared on the scratches and bruises on him as he struggled near the cave. He tried to hurry and distance himself from the creepy area. It only made matters worst as he lost his footing and slipped dangerously down the mountain.
He started to loose consciousness as the battering on his head increased while rolling on the rocky surface. However, just before he passed out something stopped him from going over a cliff. It was a huge hairy object that placed itself in front of him and the mountain that broke the fall. As he tried to keep his eyes opened it lifted him up just before his eyes shut. It was the last thing he remembered before waking up three days later.
He couldn’t move at first because of the darkness inside the cave. He tried to get his senses about him as the pain soon crept in. He reached with his hands toward the warm spots on his body that ached. He felt the leaves that covered the wounds and he pulled them off. His eyes soon took notice of the small light that barely illuminated through an opening on the rock. He remembered where he was from his previous entry so he quickly set out to exit through the opening.
Once outside he slowed down and tried to make sense of what had taken place. He looked at his wounds and it was obvious that what had been applied on them were healing plants. The aroma from some of the leaves were still present and he knew that they must have been some kind of herbs designed to heal. He no longer felt danger in or outside the cave and the boy looked around to see if he could find the person or thing responsible for his recovery.
When he found no one he yelled to see if there would be a response. He didn’t hear any human voice, but he did hear something. The movement of branches in the distant bushes got his attention. The noise was short lived as the sound distanced as though something was moving away from him. The pounding noise on the ground soon quieted down and he knew something, or someone had ran away from him. Perhaps he had scared it, yet there was no time to seek it’s existence because he had to get home and find help.
He soon found himself feeling better about his condition as his legs hoist him across the terrain. He knew he would soon be back home because the elevation started to level off indicating that he had finally made it off the mountain. He could sense that time had really passed him by. He recollected the sun beginning to level off on the horizon and now it was higher up. Moises knew it was earlier then when he had taken off, so for sure he had been gone for more than a day, but how much longer.
More pressing problems had been created for him since he had failed to come home on time. For sure his parents would know that he had not gone to school on the day he didn’t come home. Would they be angry at him for not telling them about his intentions.? Would they understand him at all? Did his friends tell the teacher or his parent’s the truth? Had he brought hardship on them from his disappearance? Would they believe his story as to what had happened to him up in the mountains?


It was then that he recalled the task he had set out on. It was to find out if Antonia was alright, or better yet, was she still alive? He knew what he had to do and he was hoping he could get some help from his parents and the community alike. He was anxious to find out as he hurried along the last few miles.
As he walked the streets in town he noticed the look on the people’s faces. They were surprised to see him. Some yelled at him that his parents had been looking for him for three days. He couldn’t believe the time he had been away. It was only a matter of minutes before he would be at the front of his house with many questions to answer, but he was ready.
He saw the curtain on the window of his house move and he knew he had been spotted. Within a few seconds his parents were out the front door and running to greet him. They nearly tripped him over as they hugged him and showered him with loving affection. His father picked him up and carried him inside as he cried along the way.
Within the half hour he had confessed everything to them as they listened intensely to his every word. They did not question his intentions as they waited for him to finish his story. Then it was their turn to tell him of the things that had happened while he had been away. He was shocked to hear of the things they had found out for him and about the risk he had taken that were not warranted.
Antonia’s parents had decided to move away right after her grandmother had died. After the funneral it had been necessary for them to go back to where they lived before to settled some matters. The school had been made aware of it on the day of the funeral and if he had only asked the teacher he would have not gone through such an ordeal. His parents didn’t need to tell him anything more of his mistake. He had learned his lesson, but there was still one unanswered question. Why had she left without telling him good-bye?
He knew he had failed to tell one of his good friends good-bye. He wished he had made a better effort of communicating with her. Why had he waited so long to go up the mountain and visit her when she had made numerous invitations? He had no immediate answers and he yearned for just one more invitation to go to her house. He questioned wheather it had been due to what others thought about their friendship. Perhaps he would never find an answer unless he continued to try to find out where she had gone. The first time it had almost been disastrous, so was he willing to try again.

End of Chapter III9


Chapter III: She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry


Harlingen, United States

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Moises knew that somehow he had to find Antonia. She was not the person in the coffin, so the answers to her whereabouts was still a mystery. There was only one way to find out, but it was going to involve skipping school and climbing the dangerous mountain. He had new ventured up there, but his heart was speaking to him to find her. He had to know if she was still alive, or had she died, or even maybe there was no answer.
If you read chapter I, and II, you just might get the answers you are seeking. However, I must tell you this, the mystery continues and Chapter IV might also interest you in reading. If you dare, of course. Yes I dare you!

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