Chapter II: She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry

Chapter II : She Made Me Cry

It was raining that Thursday morning when Moises eagerly jumped out of bed. He wanted to hurry up and be done with the normal routines of rising up to the easterly sun. Just as soon as he could he was out of the house facing the bright horizon that edged the scenic mountains. His face was pointed towards the tips of the mountains as his eyes scoped the trail that Antonia would often take on her way down to school. Sometimes he would not wait for her because he didn’t want his friends to think of their friendship as being something more than that. However, that Thursday morning he would wait as patiently and as long as he could without compromising his tardiness to school.
The thirty minutes head start he had taken that day was to insure that he would not miss her if she went by there. He knew the time of day in the morning because certain people would drive by him on their way to work everyday. It was like clockwork as each one of them depended on the income of their jobs to make their living. Soon all of them had passed him by and he had exceeded his comfort zone to make it on time to school. He had never missed a day of school either.
The traffic was clear, the neighborhood was quiet and the sun was higher up in the sky then when he was on the road to school. He knew he had to hurry on, but something inside of him would not let him be at peace. Moises felt something was wrong with Antonia and he had to find out what it was without worrying his parents or school teacher. He knew he had to come up with a plan, or else he would be in the detention center where they knew him well.
Waiting for his friends after school to perhaps invite them to hike up the mountains with him in search of the place where his friend Antonia might live did not seem reasonable at that desperate moment. None of his friends knew where she might live either, and convincing them to tag along did not look promising. Instead, he choose to run to school and deliver an excuse by which he would conger along the way. He decided to meet his friends in the playground where some of them would be at during first period and tell them to tell the teacher that some pressing matters had kept him at home.
The young boy was not aware of the dangers that laid ahead, or of the time frame that would hinder his return home on time after the school day. In his haste for properly planning such an endeavor he was risking a lot more than he anticipated. He was reaching out too far into the unknown without reviewing the warning signs that such a task could bring upon. His heart was ready to step forth, but his brain had not truly measured the possible dangers that might be waiting out there some where.
It didn’t take long to sneak up behind the buildings and to whisper his friends over to a hidden view. He told them of what he was up too. He didn’t care about what they might think about their relationship because he was worried about her. They agreed to tell the teacher the excuse and before long he was on the trail up the mountains. He was more determined that ever to see what was wrong, or what might have happened to his friend.


He had some clues about where she might live based on the way the cheerful girl would converse with him about what she would see on the way down from the mountains. They became helpful as he remembered them in his mind as he followed the most often traveled trail. It was not easy climbing up as he huffed with every grueling step he took. He couldn’t understand how Antonia did it everyday without ever complaining about the hazardous obstacles along the way. He began to appreciate how fortuned he was to live closer to the town and school.
Along the way he stopped a couple of times to gage if he was heading in the right direction. He observed some huge cracks on the rocks where water was gushing out as Antonio had once described to him. It would fall straight down about one hundred feet and then disappear under the thick brush that hid the flow of the water. It was just as beautiful as his friend had painted the picture in his brain from the numerous times she talked about it. It made him feel more comfortable about moving in the right direction.
Moises continued his trek up the trail until he came upon another opening on a gigantic boulder that was just a few feet from the trail he was on. He recognized the marking on the cave that were inscribed on the outside. They were the same ones his girl friend had mentioned to him. She had told him that they were made by a huge bear that once roamed the area. He shouted into the opening, “Antonia are you in there? This is Moises, your friend from school. Are you hurt or need any help? I’m going in, so if you can’t move try to give me a sign, okay?”
Being careful not to disturb some of the loose soil that held some of the weeds that were hanging from above he carefully pushed them aside with his hands. The cave was dark and he slowly put one foot ahead of the other in order to feel himself around without loosing his footing. By the time his whole body was no longer visible from the outside of the cave he paused after stepping on something soft. He leaned down with the right side of his body to try and feel with his hand as his eyes tried in vane to focus on whatever was in front of him.
As he placed his hand on the object beneath him he felt a warm thick wet liquid. He knew it wasn’t water and as he tried to guest what it could be he felt a presence of something inside the cave besides himself. He proceeded to back off as he heard the noise of feet adjusting to the unleveled ground as they kept coming closer to him.
His face was the last part of him that made it out into the bright morning sun as he brought his soaked hand closer to his eyes. As he viewed the red blood and wondered from where it could have come from he saw a shadow close to the inside entrance of the cave. It was too big to belong to his friend and as his body shivered from the thought of what might happen to him he took off. He knew he had to find the house where Antonia might live and tell them of what he had discovered.
As he ran he glanced behind him making sure he was not being followed by whatever seemed to still be inside the cave. Tears ran down his cheeks as he feared the worst possible scenerio. Thoughts of what could have happened filled his brain with elusions of a traumatic encounter of some sort. He tried not to think that whatever took place in there might be related to the disappearance of his friend.

The end of chapter II6


Chapter II: She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry


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Moises remembers his lost friend and all the happy funny moments they had together. She always seems to bring joy into their lives. After Chapter I of She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry, and if you are intertested, then this is for you. Chapters, III, IV, V are also ready to read if you must know what happened to Antonio, the missing girl.

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