A Little Bird Grows Up

A Little Bird Grows Up
Oscar Elizondo
(A tiny bird falls from it’s nest and is forced to make it on it’s own. The baby swallow tells his own story as he goes on about his day. The wind knocked down its nest, and its mother never knew what happened to her baby. She flies off never realizing that the egg had fallen and landed on the thick grass below. This is the baby’s account as he tells his story after the fall.)

“Wow”! That sure was a long way down from the nest on the tree. How am I going to get back up there again? “Peep, peep, peep, mom, where are you? Mom, mommy, I’m over here, please come and get me. I’m hungry!” I’m cold, when is she coming to get me? These little feathers of mine haven’t grown enough to warm me up. I should have stayed in the egg longer, but no-o-o-o-o! Mom had to call out to me and tell me all of those sweet things. She just kept singing to me, boy did I fall for it. Look at me now, a scroungy little old thing.
“Mom, you better hurry and come get me, or I’m going to crawl right back into my shell.” I wonder why she doesn’t come?
Oops, what’s that I see coming my way? It’s a cat, hey cat get away! “Mom, peep, peep, mom, you better hurry. I think the kitty is not very friendly. Mom, mom, can you hear me?”
I don’t think she is around, and that pussycat has ideas of making me his next lunch. I better move jack, or else he’s going to eat me up. Where should I run? I better spread these wings of mine and see if I can use them to get a little wind under them. I heard my dad telling mom something about air dynamics. A lot of good that will do for me at this stage. Featherless wings just aren’t going to cut it for me.
Ah-h-h-h, I can’t seem to shake him loose, he’s right on my tail. “Shoo, you big bully, pick on somebody your own size. “Mom, if you can hear me, you better come, I’m running out of air, mom-m-m-m!
He got me, I’ve had it, I’m toast, I’m history, I’m off to see the wizard. What’s he doing now? Where are we going? I though he was going to swallow me right on the spot. I don’t know, but his mouth sure does stink in here. Wish his mother had told him about mouthwash. The smell itself is killing me. He sure can use it, that’s for sure.
What am I thinking about? He has me locked between his jaws, and here I am thinking about what he uses for his mouthwash. I better say my prayers, or find a way to get loose, but how? I got it! If I could just swing my tail around to where his nose is! Maybe I can tickle him enough as to where he’ll laugh and open his mouth, and then I can make a run for it when he let’s go. Here I go, yes, yes, he’s beginning to twitch his nose. I think I’ll try it again.
Come on kitty, you have to be ticklish; it’s my only hope. Let’s see now, my tail is almost next to his nose, but ouch! He’s squeezing me harder now. “Hey kitty, how about giving me a little breathing space! You do want me nice and tender don’t you?”
“Ouch!” I guess he doesn’t care. I better try again. “Cuchee-cuchee-coo,” there, he’s going to sneeze. I better be ready, come on kitty, sneeze. Yes! There he goes, now for my chance. Wow! I hit the ground pretty hard, but I’ve got no time to cry. I guess the baby fat really helped me cushion the fall that time. I better head on towards that bush over there. Maybe I can hide from that fat cat.
Oh no, oh no, he’s almost right above me. There, I made it to the bush, but now I better find a safer place to keep myself hidden from that fat fur ball. I can still see him over there and he’s trying to get me by reaching in with his paws. It’s a good thing he can’t reach me in here. One scratch from his sharp nails and my handsome looks will be scarred forever.
Let’s see, where can I go, where can I go? What’s that over there? Yes, yes, it looks like a hole of some sort. I better hurry and make a run for it. Here he comes, here he comes. “Ouch, ouch!” He got the only feather on this beautiful body. He yanked it off and now I feel naked without anything on me. How dare he. Hey, what’s wrong with me, that might have saved me. I’m fighting for my life and I’m worried about being seen with my birthday suit.
There, I made it, gosh-sh! I wonder who lives here. Oh well, I’m here now and so what. Oops, I can’t believe he’s trying to put his paws in here. “Hey you, shoo, get out of here. I am not coming out until you get away, so scram buster!”
I sure wish he would stop digging, that dirt in falling in here and I’m having a hard time breathing. There, there I think he’s giving up. Maybe if I stand on the tips of my feet I can take a look out of this hole. I better be careful, he just might be trying to trick me. Cat’s are smart, they try to set traps, but I’m not going to fall for it. I’m smarter that the average dead bear.
Let me see now. Nope, he’s walking away. Oh, I see, his human owner is calling him. Owee-ee! Big deal because he has someone to baby him. What a big baby. I have my mommy too. Oh well, at least I have him off my back. Now, what is that sound I hear coming from further inside the hole. “Mom! Mom is that you?” Now why would mom be in a hole like this, she’s not afraid anything. What’s that hissing noise that keeps getting louder? O-o-o-oo-ooo, yikes, it’s a SNAKE!
I better get out of here, but where should I go? That snake is right behind me, maybe if I can just get over that log and see what’s ahead. There, I made it over here in one piece, but I better stop and take a break. I better not chance it; I better take a look over the log and see if he is still behind me. Oops, I spoke too soon! I have to go faster. Here I’m going as fast as this chicken, I mean bird legs will take me and he’s still gaining on me.
I just can’t seem to snake, I mean shake that hissing creature. “Mom, are you up there somewhere? Cause if you are, I take that back about me going back into my shell. Mom! Mom, that hissing sound is getting closer.” Yikes! He’s right behind me. I can sense his body heat coming from his mouth. “Shoo, shoo, go chase a rat or something, but leave me alone you fat belly giant worm.”
I just can’t watch this; I better close my eyes and let him eat me alive. I’m too exhausted to go any further. Now what, what is that noise from above? “Whis-s-s-s-sh, whish, whiss-s-s-s-s-s! Is that the sound of wings? It’s mom coming to rescue me. Yes, yes, “Just wait till my mom gets a hold of you, you, you-u-u-u-u, tongue shaking!” Oh no, it’s not my mom. It’s that owl that lives next tree to us. Oh well, at least it has that wiggly slithering scumbag on the run. That will teach him than to pick on poor, innocent, little, scroungy me. I have friends in high places too.
“Way to go Mr. Owl, I hope you have a fine supper with that snake. Oh, and by the way, if you happen to see my mom, please tell her where I am.” I hope he heard me; he was too excited about that snake. I don’t even think he heard me tell him I was thankful for what he did. Makes me wonder if he really saved my life, or was it that he saw an opportunity to catch his next meal. I guess I won’t know until I see him again. Boy, I wonder where I am. Let’s see, the tree I was in was over there. Yikes, it’s not there anymore! I guess all that running brought me further away that I thought. Besides, the trees all look the same from down here. What am I going to do? “Oh mom, oh mommy dearest, please answer me.”
I’m beginning to worry about that lady. Where could she be? Out looking for a nice worm, or what! Oh, what’s that I see over there? Yes, yes, yes, it’s a giant worm, just like my mom brings me, but why is it moving? It never moves when my mommy gives it to me. “Here wormmie, wormmie, here wormmie, wormmie!” I don’t get it, how come when my mom puts it in my beak it listens to her and plays dead. Maybe I’m not being as demanding as she is. I’ll bring my voice up a little and see if this time it listens to me.
“Hey, you polka-dotted worm, yes you! I’m talking to you! Come over here this minute and lay down.” What’s he doing? He’s getting away. Why that sneaky leave eater. Which way did it go? I lost him. My meal, my first meal out here in the boonies, and all by myself and I let it get away. A fine hunter I’m not. I want my mommy.
I better find myself the way home, it’s getting dark and I’m scared. I think I’ll try calling my mother one more time. “Oh-h-h, mommy-y-y-y, I love you mom. I really, really do!” I guess she’s gone. I’ll have to find me a safe place to sleep tonight. Boy, it’s getting very chilly out here. I sure wish these feathers would grow fast. Something tells me I’m going to need them pretty soon. There, yes, yes, I see it. It’s my fallen nest, but why is it whirling around and around? Maybe I can get it with my beak and drag it over there somewhere. I know it’s warm in there, even if my mom is not here to keep me nice and cozy.
Got it, now to drag it over to a safer place. Boy, it sure is heavy! Let’s see, this looks like a very good spot to nest for the night. I have to move this little pebble out of the way. Well, this is the best I can do. Now for a pillow, that little twig over there looks like it would make a very nice one. Wh-wh-what’s that? A moving stick. There it goes again, why is it moving? Wait a minute, that’s not a stick, that’s some type of an insect. I wonder if I’m supposed to eat it or not. Mom would know, there I go again wishing mom were here again. I’m going to have to grow up without my mommy.
Sure could use something in my stomach, but it’s not safe to look for it in the night. Besides, I’m really s-c-a-r-e-d! I better just get comfortable and see if I can get through the night without having to go to the bathroom from this frightening ordeal. Now what was that I heard? If I had any clothes on this would be the time to get a change of underwear. It’s the owl making that sound. I bet he’s hungry again and expects me to show him the way. Yes, yes, “Oh Mr. Owl, can you please come here for just a minute? I would like a nice word with you. I can give you a nice tip on where you can find a nice fat rat for maybe, breakfast.”
“I knew that would get your attention. Now, before I give out that information, tell me, where’s my mother? What! She flew where, north! What in tarnations is she up there for? Doesn’t she know she has a poor, little, innocent, baby boy waiting down here? She won’t be back till when? What am I going to do till winter is over? She should’ve waited till I came back. Peep, peep, peep-peep, yes about that rat. It’s over there behind that tree. Go for it yourself; I’m not about to be rat bait. And oh yes, thanks for helping me earlier, and for the information. I wish you would’ve known earlier, when you first saved me, but oh well!”
I better sleep now; anyway Mr. Owl will keep watch over me, “Right Mr. Owl. What’s that? I can’t understand you with your mouth full. Well, leave that varmint alone and answer me! Yes, yes, I hear you now, thanks for watching over me.” Now I can get some real sleep, I trust Mr. Owl’s eyes. They can see a mile away in the dark. “Good, night Mr. Owl! Yes, yes, I know, you still have your mouth full!” (The baby bird falls asleep and wakes up later during the early morning hours.)
“What time is it Mr. Owl? One a.m., it’s too early for me to get up. My mom usually let’s me sleep late. What’s that, somebody is coming, where? A raccoon, yikes, where should I run to Mr. Owl? Mr. Owl, Mr. Owl, are you still there?” He’s gone too, I wonder where he flew off to. Oh well, I better head on towards those rocks over there. Maybe I can hide between them. Well, here I am, now to sit and wait for the critter. Oh, I see him, I see him, I better not make a sound or move an inch. He’s trying to sniff me out; I hope he is not down wind.
No, no, no! Please don’t look this way! He knows there’s food around here; I just hope it’s not me. He’s looking, he’s looking, and there goes his nose again. He smells something, oh please, please, please, don’t let it be me! He saw me, I just know he did. He’s staring this way, no, no, look the other way! He’s coming closer, and closer, should I move? He’s right above me and he’s moving the rocks with his paws. It’s too late for me to make a run for it. “Mommy, Mr. Owl, help-p-p-p!”
“Get away, shoo, get away or I’ll beak you. I’m not afraid of you, just back off and give me some room. I’m through running, if you want me; you’re going to have to fight me, you scavenger! Put them up-p, put them up-p, just try me on for size and see what you get? “Ouch, ouch, ouch-ouch-ouch, let go of me, let go I said! Those incisors of yours, they’re too sharp, hey-hey, wait just a minute, you’re hurting me! You fur ball, didn’t your mom teach you to wash you’re hands before every meal? Look at those dirty fingernails, you have soil under them! They are filthy, filthy!” I don’t think he really cares, I was just trying to make him feel guilty, but it’s not working. I better go to plan B, whatever plan B is.
What’s that? I hear a dog barking, no make that two, no that’s three dogs I near. “Hey racmaccaroni, I mean raccoon, slow down a bit, are you afraid of those three dogs or what. Scary cat, scary cat, your nothing but a scary raccoon.” Every time he jerks from the running his teeth sink into me a little more. “Ouch, ouch-ouch, I hope those dogs hurry up.” Maybe they want me for their lunch too. In that case, “Shoo dogs, he saw me first, I’m his meal-l-l-l-l!” What am I saying, I’m a meal for all of them. I don’t think it really matters who gets me, I’m a gonner. My short life has come to an end.
“Come on dogs, fight him for me, don’t be a bunch of winnies! Let’s see who’s the best one from any of you. Tear this varmint apart, let’s see if you can do it.”
“Hey Mr. Coon, you better let go of if you plan to fight those mean looking dogs right behind us. They look like a hungry bunch to me, don’t you agree? I knew you’d let go of me. Let’s see, why are you running away? What happen to that mucho macho raccoon you pretended to be? Get back here and fight for what is yours!” What am I saying?
What’s this now, the dogs are chasing the coon up the tree. “Hey guys, I’m over here!” I can’t believe this, I know mom told me to fight for what I believe is rightfully mine, and that I should always give people what is there’s , but I somehow don’t think this is what she meant. I better try and get out of here, but I can’t. I hurt so much from the teeth marks that raccoon inflicted on me. I-I-I-I. can’t even seem to stand up. Let’s see, no, no, I better just lay here and wait for the dogs to come back for me. I see them now, they’re coming this way. I knew it, I knew it!
“Well, what’s the matte? Never saw a tiny helpless bird before, or is it that I’m not good enough for you? What did you expect, more meat on these bones? Well, what you see is what you get! So, who’s going to be the lucky one to sink his teeth into this gorgeous appetizer? Is it you with the long ears? You could pass for Dumbo in another life. Or maybe, you big lips, or perhaps you with the short tail. By the way, how did you get a tail like that? I’d be embarrassed walking around like that. Everybody can see your romp back there!”
I hear leaves creaking, somebody is coming this way. Oh-o-oo-ah, it’s a human. My mother told me there would be days like these. I guess I’ll wait for him too. I bet he gets to have me. He’ll probably take what little feathers he thinks I have and pluck them off, and then dump me in the hot frying pan. Oh-h-h, they are all alike. Anything for a good meal, but I’m not afraid of him either. What’s he doing, pickling me up and talking to me? Wow-w-w, he’s very gentle, why is he doing this? Oh, I know, he wants to fatten me up, and then toss me in the frying pan. Yes, yes, I bet those are his intentions.
Where are we going? He’s really doing a find job of carrying me around. He does make a nice baby sitter, that’s for sure. I’ll go along with him, but on my conditions. That he feeds me whatever and whenever I want, that he bathes me daily, and oh yes, that he sings me a song every night until I fall asleep. “Are you listening to me up there? Hellow-w-w-w, peep, peep, peep, peep!” You brainless human, oh well, at least I tried making a deal. My dad once told me, “Ask and you shall receive!” Receive what, a trip to the frying pan!
Well, here we are. He’s putting me in a nice little cozy box. How sweet of him, but should I trust him? Maybe not, he just wants to fatten me up, I’ll remember that all the way to the frying pan. Oops, what’s that I see? It does look like a frying pan. I guess he couldn’t wait, I knew it, I just knew it. He’s going to cook me, feathers or no feathers. I see the flames burning under the pan, he’s using one hand to pick up the pan. Here I go, her I go! He put me down, why? He’s just warming me up, he’s warming me up next to the stove, what a guy, what a guy! I think I’m falling for this guy, I really think he like me.
M-m-m-m, what’s this he’s putting in my mouth? It doesn’t taste like anything my mom ever gave me, but it’s good. Give me some more, give me some more, yes, yes, that’s it. Hey, this guy listens to me. Let’s see, let me try one more time. “Peep-pee-, peep-peep,” I knew it. I knew I had this guy under my wings the first time he set his eyes on me. I’m a cutie, yes, that’s right, I’m a real cutie! I wonder if it was my beautiful feathers, or the healthy looking body of mine that caught his attention. Oh, well, it doesn’t matter , I think I’ll just take a nap now. “Good night Mr. Human, see you in the morning! Oh, hold my calls, and don’t forget to wake me up for breakfast. I want breakfast in bed, and don’t be late. I hate it when my breakfast gets cold!”
What’s that terrible noise I hear! It’s him singing to me. Boy, who ever told him he could sing. I hope he didn’t pay for singing lessons, sucker-r-r-r! “Can you tone it down a little, I’m trying to get my beauty sleep! There, there, you got it, now cover me up and turn off the lights!”

(The little bird does some more growing up, but that’s another story. If you really enjoyed reading this book then let me know. Maybe I will write another book about his added adventure. Thank you very much for sharing this time with me. Chow!)


A Little Bird Grows Up


Harlingen, United States

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Artist's Description

A tiny bird falls from it’s nest and is forced to make it on it’s own. The baby swallow tells his own story as he goes on about his day. The wind knocked down its nest, and its mother never knew what happened to her baby. She flies off never realizing that the egg had fallen and landed on the thick grass below. This is the baby’s account as he tells his story after the fall.)

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