Chapter IV She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry

Chapter IV: I Needed To Find Out Why

Four months passed by and Moises still had not heard from Antonia. There were rumors that she had returned home to the mountains but had stayed away from school. At first he was reluctant to believe the stories that were being spread throughout the school. Then one day as he was heading home from school he caught a glimpse of a young girl rushing out of the only drug store in town. She didn’t seem to notice him as she ran towards the path that led up to the skies. The young lad stood for a minute to see if he could recognize the young girl that seemed so much in a hurry as though a crises awaited her returned. It didn’t take long for him to ponder his next move.
He quickened his pace still wondering if the girl was his long lost friend. Before she became hidden from view because of the tremendously overgrown grass he noticed a piece of garment that was recognizable to him. It was a Mexican shawl that Antonia often wore when she came down from the mountains on cool mornings. She would hid it before she got off the trail and onto the dirt road. The times that he waited for her he had noticed the tattered shawl from a distance. He often turned away so that she would not suspect that he had seen it or perhaps bring embarrassment to her fragile spirit.
Moises ran faster hoping he could catch up to her but she was faster than he was. By the time he reached the tall grass she was long gone. He still had visions of what had happened to him and he had no intentions of repeating the same mistake again. He paused for a few minutes to catch his breath and his curiosity about the sudden exit from the drug still haunted him. There had to be a good reason to be at the medicine store and he made the decision to walk in there and try to get some answers to his puzzling questions.
As he entered the store he proceeded to look at as many items as he could as his nervousness made his hands shake. The twelve year old was trying to stall for time while his brain searched for a way to ask about Antonio being in the store without invading the privacy rules. It took a while to finally get a sense of bravery to say, “The girl that just ran out of here is my friend Antonia and she dropped something. I know where she lives and if you could tell me what it was maybe I can try and retrieve it if it is important enough.”
The pharmacist behind the counter looked at him for a while before addressing the boy’s concern. “She bought some medicines for wounds. You know the usual , iodine, bandages, tape, and some antibiotics for infections. She took an awful amount of it as she hurried out of here. I guess it must be because of something urgent. I even advised her to seek a doctor because of the seriousness of the wounds. She just said that her family couldn’t afford a doctor or a hospital and just rushed out of here.”
Moises thanked the concerned nice man and quickly headed for the door. He knew something was wrong and wondered about how he could help his friend without going through the same ordeal as before. His parents expected him to be more responsible and to be up front with any problems he might have. The only logical choice was to go home and tell his parents about his concerns. It would be hard to convince


them that something was truly wrong. After all, nothing had happened to her as he first thought. It would be hard to make them understand what he was feeling, but try was his only option.
It didn’t take long to get home as his legs carried him as fast as they could go. He tried pushing the front door open and came to a abrupt stop. It was locked and his head hit the wooden frame. He placed his hands on the top of his head and wiped the little blood that came from the small cut he had gotten from the impact. He couldn’t remember any other time that the door had been locked before. His mother was always home when he would arrive from anywhere he might have gone out to.
Moises took the hidden key that was left hidden under a clay pot and opened the front door. He called out, “Mom, where are you? I’m home and I am hungry for a snack.” There was no answer as he searched every room in the house. He realized the house was empty and headed for the kitchen.
He saw the note that his mother had written and left on top of the table under a glass cup. It read, “Son, your dad and I had to go out of town on some important business. We took a ride with your uncle and don’t expect us back early. Eat, do your homework and go to bed early. We will be home around twelve, so lock the doors and if you need anything, go to your aunt’s house, Love Mom.”
Moises put his head down on the table worried that he might not be able to help Antonia with her problem. Thoughts of what might have happened to his friend’s parents worried him as he pounded the table with his fist. Guilt entered his soul and he wanted to talk to somebody about getting help. He couldn’t bare knowing that someone in distress might be calling out for help. His urges made him nervous as tears ran down his cheeks. He had vowed not to make the same mistake again, but he was desperate in seeking answers. That evening he made a choice.

End of chapter IV11


Chapter IV She Made Me Laugh, She Made Me Cry


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