Wise, Wiser, Wisdom

Wise,Wiser,WisdomIn a deep forest where only small trees grew a nest rested high atop the tallest of them all. It was more than three times the height of all the other wild trees. No one seemed to know how that tree got to be that tall, or how it came to be that it was located in the center of the forest. On top of the highest branch sat the biggest nest around and in the soft bedding layed three beautiful albino owls.The mother owl struggled daily and constantly flying that high of an altitude bringing the heavy food for the three hatchlings that she and her mate had brought into the world. Unfortunately, the father owl was no longer around. It had been shot by some young boys that had gotten rifles as Christmas presents. Mother owl was the sole provider of the one male and twin sisters. The two parents had waited for the baby owls to hatch before naming them. They watch them closely and after about a week they named them, Wise, Wiser, and Wisdom.One day when the mother owl was away searching for a wild animal to bring home, the three little ones decided that her trips were too long for them to have to wait. Little Wise started the conversation by saying, "You know, we are so high above the ground that it’s hard for us to see through so many branches. We could find our own food if only we were in one of those trees below us." Wiser nodded his head in agreement and wanted to express his ideas. "Listen, since I am Wiser than the two of you, I have decided that we should seek a nest on one of those trees down there. This one is too big, too heavy, and too clumsy to be moved. I am sure that we can find an abundant nest and make it our own. Ohhhh, mom will be so proud of my decision that she will wonder how come her and dad couldn’t come up with my brilliant idea first. I quest being Wiser than anyone in this family makes up for A Little Wise, and of course Little or no Wisdom at all.Wisdom totally disagreed with his siblings and gave them a piece of his mind. “Listen, you two straving brats. It is not Wise to go down there in the middle of the day, unguided by our loyal mother, and without the protection of her skills. I vote that we stay here until we have her permission. I am sure we are up here for a very good reason, don’t you guys agree?”“No, no, we can help mother by making it easier for her to fly to a lower nest, you fool,” said Little Wise. “Yes, he’s right. We can see what’s below us and find food whenever we need to feed. This way mom can sleep while we hop on down from our nest and land softly on the grass below. Remember, we still can’t spread our wings enough to fly,” added Wiser.“Now wait just a minute lame brains,” shouted Wisdom. " I will not expose myself to the unknown elements that might be waiting for us down there. I will stay here till mommy gets here, and besides, I think I will be on the look out since neither one of you have thought about that. We are still infants, well, I meant babies of course," finished off Wisdom.No sooner had he finished his sentence and the two siblings proceeded to jump from branch to branch until they reached the tall green grass below the tree. Wisdom watched as they vanished into the dense forest. After about an hour or so Wisdom could hear what sounded like the plucking of feathers coming from the tall grass below. He looked down and he could see two bald owls laying under the paws of a big black wolf. He recognized the faces, even though he had never seen his siblings naked as a Jay Bird before, he knew that they were in a heap of trouble.Wisdom called out for their mother from high above the trees. His voice echoed far and wide and from a distant place their mother heard the cry for help. She flew at a mighty speed that the food she had on her claws dropped over some high branches.The experience she had learned as a loving mother gave her the edge in the combat. With her sharp beak she stabbed at the wolf’s eyes until he drop one bird that had supper written on it already. She then bravely spread her winds as she flew sorties at the big black wolf until he lifted his right paw and let the second dinner bird go. She was relentless in the defense of her family and the wolf had no choice but the abundant his prey.The mother owl rescued her two little birds and lifted them back to the safety of the nest high about the other trees. She placed them carefully on the bedding of the nest and covered their bare bodies. She knew their feathers would grow back, but it was going to take time. She then looked at Wisdom and said, “Wisdom is your name and you acted with wisdom. Your brother and sister will live on account of wisdom prevaling over being wise, or wiser. They owe you their lives, a lesson about wisdom has been taught. Oh, and by the way Wisdom, tomorrow you and I will go out for some flying lessons,” said the mother owl as she winked her eye at Wisdom.

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Wise, Wiser, Wisdom


Harlingen, United States

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Artist's Description

Three baby owls learn a lesson about being wise, wiser, or having wisdom.

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