Larry Gets Hit By Invisible Snowball Part V

Larry Gets Hit By Invisible Snowball Part VByOscar ElizondoSix weeks after being in the hospital Larry was taken home. Most of his strength had been zapped out of his fragile body. He requested his parents to place his bed by the window of the apartment so that he could see the children play. By then winter had set in and there were very few people roaming the streets and far less children playing outside. There wasn’t much to see through the foggy glass window except the white snow that layered the peaceful playground.Larry’s parents could see the sadness on their son’s face and they decided to take him outside on the wheelchair. Now son, “We are going inside to get some blankets and some hot coco to keep you warm, so you wait here and don’t go anywhere.” They would never leave him alone, but they had a reason for it on this particular day.They stared from the window while some old friends of Larry showed up. He was happy to see them as they gathered around him. “Listen, chicken legs, don’t tell your mother or father, but we are going out for a ride,” said Frankie.His friends pretended not to know that the parents were allowing all of it to happen as the smiling guardians peeked through the window. The children placed a pair of skis under the wheels of the chair and tied them securely with some rope. Four boys had brought their husky dogs along and they positioned them in front of the wheelchair and tied the reins around the dog’s head.When it was all done they let Larry take control of the reins and drive the dogs to the vacant lot that was used as a playground. . Once there they carefully took him out of the homemade sleigh and placed him down on the frozen snow. Within the half hour the whole group had build the biggest and tallest snowman anyone had ever seen.It had a wooden cone for a nose, two hubcaps for the eyes, a bicycle-linked chain for a mouth, two foil pie pans for the ears, Larry’s father cowboy hat, and five mason jar tops for buttons. They named it, “The Giant Hubby Mason Bike link Monkey Eared Cowboy Snowman of The North.” The group of boys and girls stared at it for a while and the more they viewed their creation, the more they laughed.After laughing so much it was time for some skiing fun. They held on to the back of the wheelchair with skis, and with their own skis on their feet, they lined up one after another. Larry took the reins and pulled them all around the snow covered vacant lot. The Husky dogs obeyed the master of the reins and they made many trips around the giant snowman. Larry could hear his friends screaming in laughter behind him and he turned around for a brief moment to look at them.Larry lost control and the homemade sleigh plowed right into the big snowman. The snow covered all of them and they started a snowball fight. They threw them at each other being careful not to be too harsh at the throws at Larry. The parents that were watching through the window came over and pretended to be angry with the group.The sick boy bowed his head thinking his friends were in trouble. Meanwhile, the parents were making snowball themselves and when Larry raised his head to apologize they hit him gentle on his face with the snowballs. On one occasion Larry reached out to protect himself and he caught a snowball in his hands. It was the first ball he had ever caught in his life.The proud father quickly picked up a glass mason jar and placed the snowball inside of it. One of the little girls found the top to it and handed it to Larry. His father handed him the jar and said, “It’s your first catch of many to come, so let it be your honor to seal it. I will save it on the shelf along with your other balls, son. We all love so much.”They all went home to Larry’s house for some hot coco. When they all got there his father placed the snowball jar on the shelf of the warm room. By the time they were all finished drinking the hot coco the snowball had melted. Larry’s mother took a piece of tape and a marker and wrote, “Larry’s first catch of the invisible snowball,” and she taped it on the jar.The jar was clear, but there was no mistake that the invisible ball did exist. Larry went to sleep without any pain that night. The proud parents could see a great big smile on his face throughout the night as they checked on him as they usually did every night.When it was time to watch over Larry he heard his son talking in his dream. He woke his wife up and asked her to come and listen to their son as he happily spoke in his sleep, “That ball is no good, now throw me the ball so that I can replace it with a new one, I’m the umpire. And what are you looking at, you thought I couldn’t catch or what. I catch snowballs for practice everyday, so there!”

This story will end on the next chapter, wait for it!

Copyright© August 28, 2008 10:40 AM Oscarelizondo

Larry Gets Hit By Invisible Snowball Part V


Harlingen, United States

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The sick young lad finally gets out of the hospital. His friends friend a way to make him happy and he catches his first ball. This is part V, if you wish you can begin from the beginning with, “The Invisible Ball.”

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