He Ran Away, Please Help Him Get Home

He Ran Away, Please Help Him Get HomeA Story byOscar ElizondoI was baking in the kitchen just the other day. I preheated the oven as I attempted to begin the preparation for making some doughnuts. I made the mixture of dough by combining the ingredients of flour, yeast, eggs, water, salt, sugar, and something else that dropped in the bowl by mistake. My problem is, the dough that comes from the holes of the doughnuts is missing. It ran away and I need your help. I want you to help me find it because it’s out there somewhere. I think I’ll begin this story by explaining how it all started.After I made the dough my son dropped something from the shelf onto the extra left over dough. I didn’t think much of it at first, but I’ll tell you at the end of the story what it was after you help me.Soon as I cut out the holes from the doughnuts I piled all of that dough on one side of the cooking sheets. I had plans to use it to make more baked goodies later. I put all the others doughnuts in the oven to make my secret receipt goods. I left the kitchen for just a few minutes while the oven did the magic work. I didn’t know my eight-year-old son was coming home so soon from playing outside with his friends.My son used the doughnut dough just like his play dough that we buy in toy the department. He made a tiny dinosaur with it, but there was something strange about it after something from the kitchen shelf fell into it. Soon as he made it he placed it in the oven with the rest of the cookies. However, unlike the dough that rises with the yeast, this tiny dinosaur came alive.When I came to the kitchen I found it eating from the cat’s bowl. After it was done with that he pushed open the kitchen door that leads to the garage. Once there, he ate the food from the dog’s bowl. I thought that was the end of it for that day, but I was wrong. I went to use the telephone in the other room so that I could call a museum and get some help with him.While I was gone the tiny dinosaur got into the large bag of dog food that we had stored in the garage. By the time I was back he had grown from the size of a golf ball to that of a Winnie dog. I knew that if he kept eating he would get too big to get out through the doors so I grabbed a chain and put it around his neck. I led him outside and tide him to a tree while I went to check on the cookies.When I got there I found a broken empty chain and I ran to the street to see if he might be there. I was scared that something would happen to him as I walked down the block. After a while without any clue as to where he might have gone I headed back home and that’s when I discovered that the doughnuts were missing too. Further more, the kitchen door was bent out of shape and hanging on by a few screws.As I looked down on the tiled floor, I noticed a trail of crumbs and I proceeded to follow it. It led me to the neighbor’s house and to their backyard. I saw a barbeque pit that was turned over and there was only one explanation of who had been there. I knocked on the neighbor’s door and asked them if they had left any food on the pit. Well, sure enough, my thoughts were not good. They told me that they had left four hamburger patties for their kids to cool off while they dried up from the water in the pool.I went back to check to sure if he, or she, had left a trail. This time there were no crumbs, but I did notice the footprints. They were rounded and each one was the size of a baseball. It was obvious that the eating had made him grow to the size of a baby pony. I had to hurry and follow the footprints because if the dinosaur ate another meal, who knows what size he would get by the time I got a whole of him.The people from the museum contacted the zoo and they had already arrived to give me a hand. Together we followed the prints until we came to a taco stand where a man was mesmerized and had his mouth wide open. We didn’t need to ask if he had seen a tiny dinosaur, he already was pointing us in his headed direction. He only made one statement before we left. He said, “He ate all my tacos that I had for sale, all one hundred of them!” With that said, we hurried because the broken tables and the amount of tacos consumed, there was no telling how much bigger he had grown.There were not to many footprints to follow anymore, however, there were a lot of broken lawn mowers, broken sidewalks and giant holes on cedar fences. He had to be the size of an elephant by then but it was getting dark to continue the search for him. Here’s where I need your help. As I sleep tonight, can you listen to the news on the television and see if your hear anything about a growing dinosaur. I really need to get my sleep so that I can look for him tomorrow. I’ll tell you more about what happens on chapter two, that’s if your parents want you to read some more.

Copyright © 2008 OscarElizondo

He Ran Away, Please Help Him Get Home


Harlingen, United States

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A lovely story for children about a little boy that bakes a little tiny dinosaur. The adventure takes off from there and it asks your own children to help get him home. He eats too much and he’s getting bigger with every meal.

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