A Stranger

The rotting wooden frame house was made of cedar,
Winter season was upon and there was no heater.
Holes lined the blankets that covered bare beds,
Mittens on hands and woven caps on their heads.

The trees in the forest were heavy with the snow,
While the wind whistled loudly with a deadly blow.
Ice on the ground made it hard for any travel,
No food in the pantry as life began to unravel.

A pounding on the door as a visitor shows up uninvited,
The deer in his hands gets the children all excited.
He unloads can goods and clothing brand new,
Stays for a while until there is no more stew.

The family rushed to get a glance of the man outside,
That’s when they noticed that he had no ride.
There were no tracks on the white snow on the ground,
A second had passed as the forest was quite of sound.

All winter long the family survived the winter days,
The silent stranger kept coming and shortened his stay.
When spring came a herd of horses showed up at the door.
A note on the saddlebag read,“I won’t come anymore.”

Oscar Elizondo
Copyright ©2008 OscarElizondo

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