My Wife, My Dog, And Me

My Wife, My Dog, And Me

For many years now she has sat on my lap,
Just like before when it was time to nap.
She knows her true love is no longer here,
When she sits with me to hide all that fear.

We both miss her so much it’s plain to see,
Common ground of missing love that we agree.
The last year was so painful for us three,’
Death took her disease and set her soul free.

At night we look up at the stars and we tear,
The twinkling reflect her smile is very near.
I remember the wonderful time we had in life,
She was a special woman and my loving wife.

Many things were unfinished or still undone,
Years may pass but she will be my only one.
Wait for me until my time is up my dear,
Together we will be one special coming year.

Oscar Elizondo
Copyright ©2008 OscarElizondo

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