Thou Shall Not Be Lost

Thou Shall Not Be Lost

When we loose someone so dear to our lives we seek forgiveness.
In forgiveness we find the comfort of each other’s heart to get us through.
As we try to get through the most difficult of times we shed a million tears.
Tears release the pressures as they evaporate as spirits that rise to the skies.

The skies are the heavens that welcome the souls that find their way to peace.
Peace comes from meeting all past love ones that sit next to the miracle angels.
These angels are God’s workers that help him watch over the earth’s living.
Living on earth is the Lords creation that someday will speak to the Holy King.

The Holy King speaks to us in prayers and songs that give glory and praise.
Glory and praise are lessons learned from the scriptures and the Holy Bible.
Scriptures and the Holy Bible tell the history of the entire human race on the earth.

Earth is the common place the Lord built for us to learn to be around each other.
Being around each other in peace sometimes brings pain that is shed in tears.
Tears get us through in the comforts of pain and happiness after being forgiven.
Being forgiven and forgiving before we are the dear love ones we shall not loose.

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