Lessons From The Bees

Like fresh honey from a beehive some good sweet unspoiled goodies might not always be easy to get too, but when you do you need to hold it somewhere special. This is very much like finding a love one that was not easy to get from all of the other compeitors that would stop by and tried to get some of the sweets from it’s place of birth. How sad that not everybody understands that honey never spoils, and if they would love someone just as special, it would neve spoil either. All you need is to keep it in a container and make sure you place a lit on it. Yes, if you keep someones love in your heart just like honey in a jar you will have your taste of the best forever if you keep going to the source.If you destroy the hive where the honey came someday it will run out and you will be left with nothing. In a true love, you need to keep the family that gave life to the sweets your mouth has come to appreciate. Why destroy the hive, let it live and go back when you need some more. In a relation you need to respect the roots from where you got your sweety, and when there seems like the sweet taste is about to run out, go back to where you got it from. Bees help in the continuation of thier product very much like going back to the queen bee for a right to work hard to produce the best sweets in the world.In a loving relation that last forever until death do us part, there are times we need to go back to the roots to help establish a relation with the others to maintain a good working environment. Your sweetheart can stay awhile in the hive until it is productive to return smelling and tasting like it was. We all must know the source of the honey, not destroy the foundation from which the sweets came from, and if you keep it safe in a jar much like safe in your heart, it will always be there without ever getting spoiled.

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