Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

At this very moment you are my only source of tranquility, I come to you because you listen and keep my memories secret. There was a time when I guarded my inner feelings inside, I was afraid that someone would discover that I was weak. All the while you listened and did not anger me with lies. Yes, while I was cursed and humiliated you simply listened, and you helped me through hard times by engulfing my tears. They dropped on your tender skin as you wiped them off, and when I walked away peacefully you waited for my next chapter.Countless days and nights went by that I ignored you, yet, as I seeked companionship I knew you were there for me. You always treated me with respect and didn’t laugh about the things I said or wrote about, and when I wanted to remember my memories, you read them back to me. I can see how you have aged along side of me and never complained or said anything about my foolishness, it nevered bothered you that I never listened to your own troubles. Look at us now, we both seemed to show our true ages.I think that I must tell you the truth about us because my time is near, and all the while you have been by my side many years with no questions asked. The time to confess is now greater than ever and I own it to you, because I have kept a big secret from you and I feel guilty. Even though you have been the ear to many of my concerns, the shoulder I have used to rest my tears, and the secret keeper of my dreams,you will not be going with me on the greatest journey of all.You were there when I lost my wife and I wrote about my grief, and those precious moments together were so tearful. My dear diary, you are more than a friend and you hold untold stories that hold time for the length of my birth years and beyond. I will not take you with me because I want someone else for you because you carry many secrets of my life that need closure. I will leave you with my sons to carry our family tradition. Thank you for opening your pages to my heart.

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