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Isn’t it amazing how the freedom of speech is widely missed used or interpreted?

Yes, even here in redbubble. Are you one of those in a group that manipulates the rest of the members who are innocently trying to belong? I guess corruption continues in all levels of life. The famous quotation, “Cream rises to the top,” even has its flaws. Heck, spoiled cream does the same and it still stinks once it reaches the top. One does not have to like cream to respect it. You just have to take care of it when you come in contact with it, and everybody else can enjoy what they like. No different then when a person writes something and another member doesn’t like it. If you let it sit, the odor will go away once someone changes the cup.
Often people don’t taste what someone else has in their cup, but if you sip it long enough you just might find a taste for it. We don’t all hold the cup the same way or fill it up with the same liquids that fit our taste buds. However, if it’s not your cup of tea, put something over it and allow those that like it drink it as they feel fit. No need to go out and make others feel the way you do. If you hold a creche because you don’t like their style, than so be it. Don’t go out on the campaign trail and preach to the masses because of your dislikes. Allow others to make their own minds, that’s what real freedom of speech is all about.
The problem arises when a group decides to murder someones writing technique. Yes, you can control what you want if you have been in a group long enough. I used to believe that we all had opinions. I worry that I am the only one who sees what is happening here, but it’s just my own imagination for sure. The first thing an unreasonable person would do to defend that would be to say, “If you don’t like it, then get out” What a cop-out to say the lease. There are better ways to find solutions, not run people off the planet. I’ve often endured those harsh words, but what the heck, I’m still here. Why, because a few rotten apples don’t , or shouldn’t change the rest of the apples in the barrel.
If you like your cup, then hold it gently and fill it with what you like best, which is what I have done. I am not afraid to put something different in and wait for my taste buds to give me an indication of what others are drinking too. I must admit that once in a while someone will put something in my cup that might hurt my in-nerts, you know, the lining of my stomach. What I don’t like about it is when the ingredients are not legal, nice, polite, or tasteful to our own personal environment. Well, I guess I’m letting the steam from my hot cocoa exit through my nostrils and I’m causing so much untactful odors, so maybe I should sit back and enjoy it, perhaps. How about you, want to enjoy a cup with me, okay, sorry, didn’t think so. Much respect anyways, have a nice day.

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