My Point Of View Of What Is Treasure And What Is Trashy

I love being a member of any group in RB. It has come to my attention that some members view another artist work not up to standards of their caliber. We don’t always see through the same eyes, feel through the same heart, or believe in something through the same mind. It is not the question of proof reading, it’s the emotion of the author at the state of mind when the visual came alife. A sudden pause, a miss direction,or even a clause to set something in motion might not be seen, heard, or heart felt at the same precise tenth of a moment, but it was there when that artist painted it, photographed it, drew it, or just wrote it. To help one untrained raw new artist become great should be a lesson that a more experience, and perhaps a professional artist, take to heart because even he had roots that can be traced to a beginning. Rejections are not always correct without a defense because creativity has more than one door as an entrace to swing both ways. They say that we don’t belong here, my friend, we live in the same world. You should find a way to express your view as poor workmanship beyond the boundries from which it arose, or perhaps the resting place it is headed to. If you judged in a split second what you preceive to be less of taste in you taste buds, then perhaps your buds are in the wrong opening. It is bitter when your points are coming from the wrong prespective, consider it before rejection. Haste makes waste, but only to some, and not all. Don’t pretend to be to all mighty, for you to have flaws that you hide so brilliantly. Teach and reach, don’t just reject and deject. Find a meeting of the minds, and help us become as great as you, my friend.

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