Dog Story

I have a dog and he is just so lovable. It broke my heart the other day I let him out to do his business. Never had a problem before until about a month ago when a dog moved into the neighborhood. It seems nobody knows where he came from, who he belongs too, or why he has choosen to stay around here. Oscar, my dog is a winnie dog, and he is just all heart. When he saw another dog for a change, he thought he might want to make friends. I have never let him play with other dogs because he is an indoor dog and we just spent alot of time together. Anyway, by the time I took notice that he had crossed our quiet street, this particular dog, not to much bigger than him, but mean as can be, Oscar was running for his life. The other dog caught his tail and almost tore it off. I mean I could see the blood all over and I just had to pick him up and clean his wound and apply some medication on it. I grew up being tough and being a soldier in the war made me a better man. However, I have seen many battles and don’t encourage violence to anyone. That’s including my dog too, so it felt pretty bad to see him in that condition.

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