Born To Live And Die

Oh, my beautiful children that I have loved so greatly since I learned that you were in your mother’s womb, do not be afraid to let me go. My journey in this world is over with in the form of human tissue, but I will be here in spirit because I believe in the Lord’s words. I have lived a wonderful life all because of each one of you that called me father, it has been a blessing to hear such respectful words that has influence my feeling of love for you. I know that your mother did more than an equal amount of work to bring you into this world, but I also placed a seed in the process of creating such adorable children.Those tears that are emerging from your eyes should be for the happy times that we shared while I was here. Do not cry in sorrow because I ended my stay, instead allow me to feel those smiles that come from your heart blessing me for who I was. Remember me as daddy, papa, father and a perhaps a good friend that sat down with you and listened to your words. A man that placed his arms around you to embrace the children that mattered so much in his life.Perhaps now more than ever you understand the advice I gave you, the reasons why you couldn’t have all the things you wanted, and the reasons I implanted the wisdom to learn by your mistakes and pay the consequences. Look at you, a caring individual that has grown to love the world without hate. In you I see me and everywhere you walk I shall follow because together we became a family that I loved so much.Please go in peace and know that I too have reached that moment where God has placed the stairs so that I can climb to his kingdom. I shall wait with a smile because patience is a virtue and you need not hurry to enter until the Lord calls you to join me.

When you speak of me, or see a picture that reminds you of the time I was here, please smile, enjoy life and know that we are born to live and die.
Good-bye my children, I need not tell you how much we will miss each other, but work with what you have now. Love those around you so that life will give you a sense of satisfaction, live a good Christian life so that the blessings and rewards lead you to the gates of heaven. Believe in your faith and know that you will be judged by your actions so don’t wait to change them later, make the changes now if you haven’t done so. Bless you and it is time for my departure and again remember that we are born to live and die and God has a master plan, I love you all.

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