Redbubble Devils Take Florida!!

After a long journey from Canada to south Florida, Rogue and Rascal finally arrived!! Woot!! I thought until havoc was rained upon me and my, once cozy, home.

Day 1

There were screams and wails about being hungry, so I decided a bit of fresh fruit might get them off to a good start. I turned my back to cut the fruit, never turn your back on them, and then I heard a blood chilling scream. R&R couldn’t wait and spied one of my Red Savina hot peppers (once rated as the world’s hottest pepper) and well there were lots of tears and screams about fire and water!!

Well all the screaming and crying brought the dogs around. They wanted to know what all the racket was going on. R&R fell in love with Bruiser, I think they thought he was a devil, too!

Kodie just didn’t know what to think and is now seeing a therapist!!

Checking the place out after a bite to eat and terrorizing the dogs, R&R came across a koala, an animal they recognized from home and a few others they didn’t know. Lucky for them, the others had the right stuff(ing) and made some new friends.

Rogue & Rascal appreciated my sign, then proceeded to show me how wild they are!

Learning a new game. I tried to warn them about the white ball and not to sit on the others!

Day 2

I really think they had fun as they only brought me to tears a couple of times!! First we had to fill up the tank….I felt so bad for the poor guy that got drenched in gas, but I did manage to get the matches away from them before real disaster struck.

Watching the road ahead for speed traps! And then of course the next thing I know is that I’m sitting in passenger seat and they are driving! I’m stilling trying to figure out how they did it!!

Looking at the lighthouse finally calmed them down a bit….until they saw the cannons!

And finally the end of a beautiful and exhausting day!

Look for more antics soon…..Rogue and Rascal’s next stop….GeorgieGirl in Australia!!!

Haven’t heard about the fun & excitement of hosting the Redbubble Devils for a few days? Join the Redbubble Devils group and add your name to The List. But be careful…they can be trouble!!!

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