For PicISA - A Peek into my "Garden"

Isa this is for you!! A peek into my “garden.” What you see in these photos is where most of my flower and butterfly shots are taken. About 85% of all the plants are wildlife friendly to some extent, providing food and shelter. I have 3 birdbaths and several feeders for the birds and squirrels.

Some of the everyday and frequent visitors include many species of butterflies, Blue Jays, Morning Doves, Red-winged Blackbirds, Crows, Mocking birds, Cardinals, finches, squirrels, ducks, opossums, gopher tortoises, raccoons, lizards, anoles, frogs and snakes. I had a bobcat pass through the backyard one day which I thought was awesome, but didn’t stay long enough for me to get a picture. There are still a few left that roam the neighborhood.

I grow many Florida native plants for food and shelter and a few plants just for their beauty and color. Trees? Well, there are no real trees yet. This house was built in 2003 and the only trees the builder left were a couple of 40 ft. tall Slash Pines which we lost to the hurricanes and the the Queen palms in the front. The others that I have, though they are still small are a few more palms which some of those are natives, two lemon trees, a key lime, a coconut palm, bananas, blood orange, crepe myrtle, wax myrtle and bottle brush (both are multi-stemmed trees/shrubs) and a very small Southern Magnolia. Oh, I can’t forget my precious hot pepper plants, there’s about 30 spread throughout the back in pots!!

Front right flower bed – lot of bare Milkweed….the sticks!! Natives here are the Silver Buttonwood, Pindo palm, Milkweed and Rain lilies (need a good thunderstorm for those to bloom!). There is also Amaryllis, Cannas, Dumb Cane, Red Sister Cordyline, Oyster plant, verbena and a couple others.

Front left – the flowing Bougainvillea, Queen palms that hold some of my orchids (the hanging baskets are orchids, too), Geramiums and Gardenia

More to the left! Natives are the 2 large Fiddlewoods, a small Sable Palmetto, Rain Lilies. Desert False Indigo and Fountain grass are native to the US, but not Florida.

Another view

Full front view

Patio view 1 – Natives here are the Wild Coffee shrub and a passion vine. More Geraniums, bananas, orchids and Areca palms

Patio view 2 – Native Florida Thatch palm. Orange jasmine, salvia and Golden Dew Drop

Patio view 3 – Natives American Beautyberry, Firebush, Passion Vine, Gaillardia and Cocoplum. More pepper plants, purple salvia and Geraniums

South beds – the beds against the fence are 4 ft. wide X 38 ft long, the circle beds are about 5 ft – Lots here…if you want to know, ask!!!

North bed

Full view backyard

My favorite piece of “garden art!” – Click on the sign if you want more info on how to certify YOUR backyard as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat….you need to provide the 4 essentials: food, water, shelter and a place to raise young!

Well that’s about it…I hope you enjoyed a look at my yard!! Nothing extravagant or over the top, but it’s my own little botanical and wildlife sanctuary!! Except for all the grass!!

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