A Tribute to EmeraldSun and Heavenandus777

Dear friends,

I want to say thank you for all the great comments and support that you two Red Bubblers have shown me in my short time here. New friends are easy to make, but good friends are hard to find.

I don’t want to leave out all of you other wonderful Bubblers that have offered your kind words, I thank you too from the bottom of my heart.

My inspiration for this idea stems from another Bubbler that I “met” at another art site (oh, no!) He is featuring everyone on his watchlist (over 100) there over a period of time. Malcom, thank you for your inspiration, your awesome work, and your time will come!

I want to also say that I have met a few Bubblers elsewhere, as there are many other sites out there where we bounce around. I think we mainly do that just to get our work shown in as many places as possible. One day to be “discovered” and fulfill at least one of our dreams. BUT I really think RB is the best. The artists and the art work here just blows me away. I know, well at least in my own mind, that my skills have improved in the short time I have been with Red Bubble.

So, my first featured artists are Anna and Bea. I “met” Anna through one of those other places and she really showed that she is, what she is, a wonderful person who always offers kind and encouraging words to all. Anna is a great macro photographer and an inspiration to all to do and be the best we can be with God on our side.

Bea, I “met” here at RB recently and have gotten to know her a little more over the past few days. She has offered kind words of encouragement to me and has helped me title two, so far, of my works. You know the ones you post as “Untitled” or as I just started posting as TBA (To Be Announced). Well, thanks to Bea, they have wonderful titles now. Bea is a whiz with taking any object and transforming into amazing art with color and design.

A round of applause for these two great Bubblers….Thank you so much. Just got to spread the love!

Now comes the hard part, as I can’t feature all of their art, so I am picking a few of my favorites (there are many!) to showcase. I hope you enjoy my little tribute.

Heavenandus777 aka. Anna – A few favorites.

EmeraldSun aka. Bea – A few favorites.

Thank you Anna and Bea for your kindness, your comments, the beauty of your art and your souls.

My deepest regards & love,

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