diesekonstruction.universe/art - 2013 Update

Forgive me Redbubble it has been 6 years since my last confession. I apologise for my lack of fresh postings but I had been rather busy. Plus back in the summer of 2011, I was slightly ill. My brain was bleeding and I had to have surgery. I have been in recovery since, in fact I still am. So this is the first time I have had the strength to do an update, or tell my story.

What I did find out is what amazing friends and family I have. Most fortunate indeed. I also got a fair bit of time off work for rehab which is going well but slow. Having to be careful about what I do and how long for. I had a hole drilled in to my skull so that affects my ability to think and work. It also affects my balance and speech, life has become very much about fatigue and how I manage it. So I have slowed down a lot, mainly using photography and film to satisfy my creative urges. I did get some scans of the inside of my head which I have put to good use, and made some music with friends which has helped a lot. I’m now starting to make the best of my time, returning to creative activity on a small scale.

I’m releasing some of the new work for sale via this portal as a means of generating some income to help with the struggle I have of existing on Benefit. Which all though stable, is not enough to do great wonders on, and being ill has eaten in to what ever savings I had.

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