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Help save Toby!

Way back… waaay back… another lifetime it seems… I had a woman friend who had a young daughter, Rachel.

Rachel was 3 when we met.

Rachel is now a Captain in the US Army. She is a helicopter pilot stationed in Afghanistan.

Members of her unit found a pup that had been thrown into the locals’ burn/trash pile. They rescued the dog, nursed it back to health but now the dog faces a return to life as an unwanted dog in Afghanistan. Not a pretty thing…

I have hooked the soldiers and contractors caring for Toby up with the group Guardian Rescue. They’ve done a few of these rescues already and all the connections have been made.

Now we are trying to get Toby back the the states where he will go and live w/ Rachel when her tour there ends sometime this winter.

But it takes money. Not a lot but enough that I can’t afford it, Rachel and her mom can’t afford it but I’m hoping if enough of us chip in just a bit, this can happen.

Please go to the link and help us Save Toby

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