Fiona MacNab

Joined September 2007

I specialise in photographs of Scottish islands, puffins and kayaking, although I can supply a wide range of images covering such areas...

Inspiration and experiments

The weather has been very dull and uninspiring in Orkney lately for taking photos – flat light, strong winds, cold …… So instead I’ve been inspired by a lot of the work I’ve seen on Redbubble into playing around with some new techniques both out with the camera and indoors on the computer.

I’ve been experiementing with HDR, black and white, and selective colour. Not sure where these experiments will lead me, possible nowhere, but it’s filled in some time nicely and kept my mind off stressful work issues.

I’m always happy to receive comments, advice and suggestions to improve my photography. Thanks to those who have offered comments and praise, and to all of you for the wonderful, inspiring work on here.

I don’t tend to use the reply button to reply to your comments on my work as I prefer to go and view people’s work instead and comment on theirs in return. Sometimes I end up with a big backlog of this – but I do try to view other people’s portfolios when they’ve been kind enough to leave me comments on my photos. Thanks again to everyone for the comments and inspiration!

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