Fiona MacNab

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I specialise in photographs of Scottish islands, puffins and kayaking, although I can supply a wide range of images covering such areas...

Back online

Have been offline for a while due to a house move and having no internet access for the first few weeks. Now back online, and I see there’s a massive backlog of new photos for me to look through. It could take some time…..

I’m also limited by wrist problems to not using the computer for too long each day, but I’ll hopefully get a few new photos added myself soon. I got a new compact waterproof digital camera for Christmas so later in the year I’ll hopefully have nore kayaking pics. I didn’t take as many photos of the Orkney Ba as I thought I would as I was playing with the video feature on my new compact camera :-)

Belated Happy New Year to everyone, hope it’s a successful year for you all.

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