Fiona MacNab

Joined September 2007

I specialise in photographs of Scottish islands, puffins and kayaking, although I can supply a wide range of images covering such areas...


As a lot of you will know I don’t have a lot of time to spent on the Bubble these days due to a combination of disability and coursework. So there are a lot of fantastic images that I’m way behind with commenting on. And I never reply to comments on my own work – preferring instead to use my limited typing /mouse time to look at other people’s work and comment on it.

My course is going well and I’m really enjoying it – but it’s incredibly intense. I can’t wait for the Christmas holidays to get a wee break, I’m permanently exhausted at the moment.

Anyway – I have managed to submit a few photos to the new ‘Shetland but also Orkney’ group. I am honoured that I have had a number of images featured in the group already – and that one of my images has been chosen as the group’s winter avatar. I look forward to seeing more work in this group – I’ve already found several places I am definitely going to visit some day from some of the stunning locations featured here.

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