Keep Passing Project

I am excited to be in the first phase of an exciting project titled, Keep Passing. It is a simple plan. I have disposable cameras decorated (each unique) and numbered with some simple instructions attached to them. I am passing them out to people and asking them to take one photo and pass the camera on to a friend. I hope to be able to get at least one camera to travel to every country. I have a website (still tweeking it) where people can go and map the camera, tell us where they took their picture, and see images from the cameras as the get returned home.
This is sort of a dual project in photography and trust in the people in the world- 2 of my favorite topics!
I am excited to see what images get captured, how many cameras return home, and hearing from people who received a camera.
As this project grows I hope to be able to speak with people around the globe about their images. In the final phase of this project I hope to take the images captured and the stories told and put them on the pages of a book.
This project is starting of small but will grow with time. I am always looking for others who would like to help in some way. I have already had people ask how to help the project. Some of the biggest ways to help the Keep Passing Project grow are…

Donation of unused disposable cameras
Starting a Keep Passing Camera chain in your country
Spreading the word
Donation of funds
Visiting the website
Website help (if you could improve the site with your computer skills)
And any other suggestions

I am sending cameras out in waves of 10. To receive a camera visit and fill out the request form.

I am truly excited the Keep Passing Project is becoming a reality! After nearly 10 years of talking about it with friends and family I have finally decided to stop talking and start doing!

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