Hey guys,

how are you? I just came from my vacations, so forgive my lack of activity. I saw the many comments I have in my latest pics (submitted here, of course; they’re quite old :P) and all i have to say is a big THANK YOU for the great support.

I wasn’t expecting too much exposure here, and hardly know how this website works, but i’ll find it out and as soon as I have the time and energy, I’ll reply to all your comments. I really appreciate them!!! ^^

I’m not in my best mood… Yesterday something terrible occurred in my country: An airplane crashed some seconds after leaving and there were about 153 victims. 19 are in hospital by now… Argh, I hate when this happens! Next week I have to take a plane, and I’m quite scared, although I know it won’t happen again.

Anyway, hope you’re having a great time! I’m going to work on some manips so I can post them soon ( I hope). I just thought I had to post my first journal here, hehe.


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