Black & Blue

The seven and a half people who avidly follow my work may recall I made two animations earlier this year for Third Man records and The White Stripes respectively. Well, unsurprisingly, there was a final part, however Laura Marling selfishly got in the way. As the buzz from that subsides I can uncover the final installment in the Third Man Stop Motion Triptych. It’s been in the wings for a while but is only now going live.

It’s a bit of an odd one, as it’s advertising their process of recording live shows in Nashville TN direct to tape. There’s a pause in the show while they change reels and they can only play for 45 minutes or so. Afterwards, the attendees, of which there are never more than 300, head round to the store and hand over ~$18. A month or so later they get a split black & blu

30th Year - 30th Country

Officially it’s slightly more, but I went to Belarus when it was part of the USSR, and I don’t personally count the Vatican, and anyway it’s a much cleaner title.…

A-ny-way, for my 30th I popped over to Japan to see what was happening, and basically there was a lot happening. And I got well carried away taking pictures of stuff. From Sadako’s paper cranes in Hiroshima to snow capped Mount Fuji, and a fair few other places in between, we Bullet-trained our way around the country like eager eyed nutters, drinking in the difference.

Although I have to say, it wasn’t as different as I’d expected. The country is so efficient everything just works and the fact the script isn’t your own is barely noticeable, so travel is quite easy. In India you need to set aside a day just to buy a train ti

European Masters of Sponsorship

Sauntered down to the opening of the European Masters exhibition at the NGV last night, mainly for the free wine, but also because I like to stand around large groups of people in suits when I’m in jeans and ask them when they’ll get over this whole school uniform thing.…

All the speeches appeared to be about Mercedes Benz sponsoring it, not least the one from the Mercedes Benz MD. Half way through I thought I had mistakenly come to the launch of the new SLK.

There was lots of talk from the Frankfurt gallery curators about how these paintings have never left the Städel and the locals miss them already and lots of other things to make one feel quite bad about them being here, then they went and did the unthinkable and mentioned……last week’s World Cup game.

And only then could we go and look

Stop Motion and Wax Fetish

Oh I have gone and made a new White Stripes animation y’all…………….…


Although I seriously recommend you go watch the widescreen HD version. Because, well otherwise I might well have not bothered doing it in HD eh. Hit the arrows and make it 720. And that’s all animated, the footage is really just bits of printed card.

In other, less exciting news, Third Man Records had another vinyl love fest. (Yes this has happened before.) Only this time it was in Austin Texas at SXSW, so they reissued every 7" from the back catalogue plus two Stripes LPs and a Raconteurs LP in Texas Sized Vinyl. That’s 8" and 13" records for the confused, ’Y’alls turntables ain’t big enough.’

And they did it at Franks, a quite excellent gourmet (?) hotdog and beer joint. In fact they even made a ltd. edition W

Stitched 4 - NewsPipe for Designers and TeeHeads

We’re really taunting you here, it’s so close you can taste it….

Here’s an excellent read, it’s an interview with former DemoStore winner and RedBubble design wizard Nick Ford. He’s good you know, and he wants Mike Patton to come to dinner. Mentalist.

And look….. but shhh, but don’t actually shhh, get excited instead.

Here’s a man who knows all about self promotion, NoFrillsArt, and I bet it’s helping his sales too. I’m going to send him US$10, that’ll help and all.

If you go over here in the Tee HQ forums you can see how blueskydesigns got from this:

…to this…

…using only INFINITE SKILL. Check it.

You should have seen this by now, if not, marvel….

Don’t forget, if there’s a shirt you want to throw praise on, an interview you’ve written, a tutorial you want to give, or s

Plasticine & Records (or 'Making Friends With Jack White')

Outside of working at RedBubble and finding a house I only have about 7 minutes spare a week, so in the last couple of months I have been trading sleep for stop motion animating and editing.

The good news is that Jack White’s Third Man Records want to use the proceeds of my sleep substitution on their website, which means they like it, which is a good thing. I like their music, fair trade.

Here it is, but if you go to YouTube you can watch it in WIDESCREEN HD, yeah. And turn up the sound.


Not sure when they’ll upload it, but I am quite excited. Sleep is entirely overrated. I hope they ask me to make them a music video.

And big up to Russell for some last minute life saving high def editing assistance.

Stitched Three Point Two - The Hood

Hello World, what’s happening?…

This is too exciting for other words really, but soon you too will be keeping warm and avoiding CCTV just like the Chairman here. Graphic is Drip by Mesi.

We’re closer to home with crap today, first up, Troy (no idea if that’s a man or a woman) bought this excellent bread for me from a mad baker:

It is some kind of breadbear family. They were delicious.

And this is what dust looks like in the grooves of a record:


Don’t forget, if there’s a shirt or illustration you want to throw praise on, an interview you’ve written, a tutorial you want to give, or some comedy words you want to thrust unwittingly into the public, let us know, and we’ll give you stuff and make you famous.

Watchlist and don’t miss a NewsFact aga

Stitched - Three

The Homepage looks better today……………

Calling all illustrators….
The International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination have a t-shirt challenge happening, you don’t have long left, but you know you want to enter.

Squirrell has written a most excellent journal about how she got from this:

to this:

You can see it all here.

No one made any effort to make a promotional Buyers’ Booth, at all, you should be ashamed, that’s easy cash you didn’t win right there………

Someone else has been finding stuff to get amazed by this week, Skeletal Plastic:

And check out this mentalist staple artist:

And this chap makes crazy animals out of recycled plastic:

Don’t forget, if there’s a shirt or illustration you want to throw praise on, an interview you’ve written, a tutorial you

Stitched - Two

It’s been over week, something must have happened, let’s see…

There’s challenge madness happening around RedBubble, if you’re not involved in one of them you really need to ask yourself some serious questions, like, ‘Why am I not involved in one of these challenges?’

The Tee HQ group is having a New Avatar challenge, which means you get to be famous for a whole month, ‘at least’, apparently. Warhol was wrong.

And the T-Shirt Revolution Group is having some kind of cliché driven competition. I suppose I should now put some sort of proverb about why you should enter, but I can hear you all groaning already. So I won’t.

The ever-present Cathie Tranent has interviewed the ever-excellent Matt Simner over here. Definitely worth a read, he’s been to the house of a Bee Gee.

Lars has stepp

Timescapes - The Adventures of a DSLR and a Crane

Unless you have been living in your greenhouse for a couple of years you can’t fail to have noticed how pretty much everything that gets built these days comes with an HD camera. Even my toaster can manage 1080p although mainly they have been appearing on things that usually have lenses. Like stills cameras, and this has firstly opened up video work to people who’d generally kept things stationary, and secondly meant one has a cornucopia of accessible lenses and equipment to bring to film.…

Which gave Tom Lowe & friends at Timescapes the idea of making incredibly epic and stunningly beautiful timelapsed video just by sticky taping a Canon 5D to a car. Actually it may have been slightly more complex than that. You really must click through and watch this video:

They are obviously worki

Stitched Two Point Oh Actually Lets Just Start Again At Issue One

Hello! We’re back, we’ve had a shave and we’re ready to welcome the hordes of masterful t-shirt designers that have appeared while we were changing our socks.

This is where you’ll find any and all apparel related news, reviews, inspiration, tips’n’tricks and various other nonsense happening on RedBubble. But consider this the pilot episode, it’s a bit hectic, they’ll be loads of storylines that never quite take off, and a bunch we haven’t yet thought of. Stick with us, it’s going to be epic.

One major change is we want lots of input from tee manics all over redbubble, that’s you that is, so if you have an idea for a bit of editorial, a tutorial, or any other sort of orial then drop me a line.

Right let’s get on with this.

Tee previews are clearly on everyone’s lips right now, but I’m no

Jack White's Table Scraps

Last Halloween Jack White’s latest musical offering, The Dead Weather, were touring London. And being Americans and therefore enjoying All Hallows Eve more than most they did two quite exciting things. Firstly they reissued all the Thirdman Records 7"s on glow in the dark vinyl, limited to 100, and only available from St Leonard’s Church in Shoreditch on that day. I queued for 6 hours on the pavement. Yes I did. I was about tenth in a queue of hundreds, but to show how even that proves little, there was a girl from Washington and a guy from LA who’d both flown over for the vinyl, who were in front of me. Madness, possibly.…

The second exciting thing was a free gig they put on in the same church, free beer too. Lots of mentalists jumping on pews. A fair bit more queuing mind you, bit too da

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