Memetic Art

Yesterday the infamous artist formerly known as Resisto unleashed his RES-101 on an unsuspecting community, not only giving us a look at this new and bold creation, but in the true spirit of copyleft, handing over the instructions for all and sundry to assist in the creation of a wind-up army.

Having no intention of ever really growing up, I couldn’t think of a better way to pass an hour than to build a big cardboard robot, actually I made it slightly bigger than it was, but only because as you can see my desk hasn’t improved much since the Melbourne days, and RES-101 would have a lot to contend with. In fact, I popped out later on for a copy of ‘Fly Fishing’ by J R Hartley and when I came back RES has escaped the clutter and was trying to shin over the back wall.

So I put him in the oven.

Now go and make your own and tell Scott he’s a champion.

I think we need to mark the spread of the army on a world map.

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