The Eden Project

For all of those of you who can get to Cornwall, or perhaps are already there, I totally recommend this here Eden Project gubbins, it’s the largest biome in the world apparently, and asides from wandering the domes, through African, Malaysian, South American climates and on to the Mediterranean, even the shop reveals mad delights.

Pencils made from old CD cases, or car parts, bags made from sweet packets, mousemats from circuit boards (they were fantastic) and, um, cacti. Which I think had always been cacti.

They also had this W.E.E.E. chap, (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) 3.3 tonnes of things incredibly well designed to be obsolete soon enough, apparently that’s what an average human throws out in a year. He was massive and his teeth were made from old computer mice.

The gardens had hundreds of secret pathways leading to sandpits and restaurants and sculptures, which was quite fun, but wandering through banana groves, cashew nut trees, swamps, 60m palms, waterfalls and horseradish trees in the humidity of the dome, without really being too aware of the covering was the best. I mean, you can look up and go ‘Oh no way, I am not in the Brazillian rainforest, I am at the bottom end of England in a massive greenhouse.’ but you’re only spoiling your own fun.

The food available was equally superb.

I actually half went to see The Raconteurs, who were playing at The Eden Sessions that happen every year. Yes, I know they aren’t as good as The White Stripes, whom I’m slightly obsessive over, but their albums are 50/50 and you have to see a band before you can write them off completely.

As it happens it all looked so damn cool everywhere, I could barely focus on the gig. But for those of you who were appalled at their second album, well, it makes a bit more sense live.

Anyway, this isn’t a story, and it doesn’t have a point, but if you happen to be anywhere near the south west of England, pop in, get yourself a biro that used to be a Playstation.

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